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Military Career Fairs Use Promo Products to Raise Spirits and Numbers

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Custom military-themed giveaways can enhance enlistment success at recruitment fairs.

Many forget what a critical role that sincere, honest recruitment plays in keeping our armed forces populated by quality men and women. There are so many critical needs in every branch of our military that a strong recruiting program is vital to the protection of our way of life. One of the ways recruiters improve their admission rates is to personalize the commitment. And military-themed promotional products can enhance that effect exponentially.

Enlistment Trends: Winning the War before the Battles Even Start

In short, enlistment is at healthy levels. The combination of nationalism–sparked by current wars and the decade anniversary of 9/11–and an uncertain, unforgiving economic environment has encouraged thousands of people to enlist in one of our armed forces branches.

Recruiter’s Never Lie, a military recruiting watchdog, reveals some noticeable trends in Department of Defense enlistment statistics:

  • Rate of enlistment steady. All four branches of the military average between 6,000 and 12,000 new recruits annually
  • Top recruiting branch is no surprise. The Army brings in more recruits each year than any other military branch–almost double any other single branch
  • Reserves turn out in full support. All 6 of our reserve branches are seeing similar success in enlistment–some surpassing their yearly predictions

What’s the secret to their ability to remain at full strength? They create a personalized recruiting experience that includes promo products with a military twist.

Promotional Strategies to Drive Enlistment: It’s about Establishing Pride

OK, so you might not consider custom promo items as a vital piece of the enlistment formula. But consider this–a custom Army t-shirt given to a woman considering a career in special ops might encourage her to take that next step.

Here are a few military recruiting event ideas that include product giveaways:

  • School-wide fair during lunches. Pass out products and brochures to kids at public and private high schools
  • College recruiting fairs. The money-for-college benefit has proven valuable in the past–products can emphasize that message
  • City-sponsored parades and carnivals. This opportunity strays true to feelings of home, security, and sense of responsibility

Virtually any public event that attracts young, able men and women is a good time to put together an order and improve the experience for everyone involved.

Go-To Enlistment Apparel and Product Ideas: Add Fun and Flair to Your Event

Before you place an order, keep in mind that the products you select should have quality characteristics: large print area, durable, and relevance. The branch is displayed prominently in a strong font. The colors are muted earth tones that are quietly attractive. The product itself encourages daily use and permanence.

We suggest the following product categories to extend the military brand and make an impression:

These might seem like old school giveaways, but they have become the stuff of American lore–symbols of a life spent defending this country and protecting the people and principles such a noble commitment represents.

Our custom military-themed apparel and products collection makes it simple and affordable to personalize your next military recruiting event. Plus, our promotions experts can help you with military budgets and contracting, APO shipping details, insignia standards, rank structure and military terms.

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