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Looking for Memorial Day gift ideas?

Looking for Memorial Day gift ideas? Shop Now »

Here are 5 of our best Memorial Day gift ideas.

For many folks, Memorial Day is the best holiday of the season. Not only does it present everyone the opportunity to show their patriotic pride – and the long weekend doesn’t hurt, either – but Memorial Day is the gateway to summertime. On that last Monday in May, we put an end to spring drizzles and chilly breezes by throwing the first big cookout party of the summer. So why not help your employees say goodbye to spring by giving them an unforgettable Memorial Day company party? Fire up the grill, pull out the company coolers and don’t forget the must-have gifts you can raffle off and give away. With the right ingredients, you can build enough team morale and energy to keep your company strong all through summer.

In need of Memorial Day gift ideas for the giveaways? InkHead suggests some of these personalized goodies that will rep your company and please your employees.

5 Memorial Day Gift Ideas for Your Customers and Employees

  1. Coolers: What’s more iconic of summer outdoor activities than a cooler? It’s worth ordering a variety of custom coolers for your company, especially if you host or sponsor events every so often. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a few to give away as gifts during your company’s Memorial Day party as well. The lucky employees who take these home will get plenty of use out of them over the course of the season, whether at the beach, in the park or during future barbecues.
  2. Sunglasses: Although bigger gifts like coolers are crowd pleasers, make sure you have another option that every employee gets to take home. Personalized sunglasses are a favorite here at InkHead. Fun, colorful and the perfect mix of goofy and cool, there’s nothing quite like custom shades at an outdoor summer soiree. Choose from a variety of styles, all of which will look great with company logos printed in full color! And if you’re in need of a snazzier one-time gift to a star employee, look into personalized shades from some of the world’s biggest brand names.
  3. Patriotic items: Don’t forget to have your Memorial Day party indulge its patriotic roots. From mugs to custom hand fans to keychains and other party supplies, you can rep both your business and your nation with the right patriotic promotional products.
  4. T-shirts: Chances are you’ve invested in company T-shirts before. There’s little that customers and employees love more than showing off their company pride with some free clothes. But now’s definitely the time to design a new look for a shirt in honor of your Memorial Day event. Have outdoor games and activities planned? Different color Ts are a great way to differentiate teams.
  5. Tote bags: If you’re looking for a no-fuss, affordable gift option that’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, InkHead would recommend a batch of tote bags. What tote bags lack in frills they more than make up for in plain, reliable style. They’ve never been more trendy (just take a look around your local grocery store), and as a green option they’re perfect for one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful times of year.

What Memorial Day gift ideas do you have?

Have your own Memorial Day suggestions? Let us know what products you’d hand out!

Looking for Memorial Day gift ideas? Shop Now »

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