InkHead’s New Tools for a Successful Campaign

The Tools You Can Use

InkHead's latest enhancements to the site make it better than ever before! We've added wish lists, improved product sharing features, and much more.

Back in February, the site engineers at InkHead released IH 3.0, which made significant improvements to both the website and its supporting database. As of this morning, we released IH 3.1, which builds on the changes we made in February but provides much more flexibility in how people use InkHead when they shop for promotional products.

New Enhancements at

  1. Wish Lists: Planning an event later in the year? Put together a wish list now and save time when ordering in the future! Better yet, build a wish list and send it to a coworker or friend to have them start the shopping process! Ready to get started? Learn about using InkHead Wish Lists!
  2. Flexible Shopping Carts: Previously, shopping carts were tied to sessions, meaning that items were lost if you signed in using another browser or computer. Now, as long as you have signed in, your items will stay in your shopping cart, no matter where you access InkHead!
  3. Simplified Checkout: We’ve reduced the number of steps in the checkout process to make purchasing promotional items easier than ever!
  4. Improved Email Messaging: Our email messages have been redesigned and rewritten so that you can get the information you need as quickly as possible.
  5. Enhanced Product Sharing: Now you can share products, wish lists, or product comparisons via email, social networks, or even instant message!
  6. Art Management: We’ve improved our artwork library, and now managing artwork from previous orders is a breeze.
  7. Minor Bug Fixes: The other minor fixes we’ve made ensure that the site runs faster and smoother than ever.

The Bottom Line

With these new tools, InkHead has given customers new ways to shop for and share promotional products with their colleagues, friends, and families. We hope that we have made our shopping experience even more fun.

What do you think about our latest site enhancements? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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