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Use Golf Tees to Increase Company Exposure

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Use Golf Tees to Increase Company Exposure

Bill Haas Wins the FedEx Cup in 2011.

The FedEx Cup, professional golf’s biggest cash prize at $11.44 million dollars, was awarded in 2011 to Bill Haas after he overtook Hunter Mahan in a dramatic winner-take-all playoff to win both the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup. Though FedEx created the award to increase brand awareness in one of their target demographics, not every company needs to stake a multi-million dollar cash prize to market their product or service.

In fact, most companies can market their business to golfers just as effectively by employing something as simple as golf tees. Any golfer can tell you the importance of having multiple tees in your golf bag before you hit the links. Capitalize on this fact by ordering personalized golf tees for one of these uses:

9 Ways to Use Golf Tees to Increase Company Exposure

Promotional Golf Tees

Pass golf tees out on the course. Who knows? You could hand one to your next biggest client.

  1. Donate them to a charity golf tournament. Not only will the party organizing the event appreciate your kindness, but your donation will be seen by golfers and spectators alike.
  2. Give the golf tees away at trade shows. Veterans of the trade show circuit often bemoan seeing the same fare at booth after booth. Try to stand out from the competition with a giveaway item that is both useful and unique.
  3. Use golf tee packs instead of business cards at sales meetings. Similar to the point above, recipients of a personalized golf tee pack are more likely to remember a salesperson who gave them something other than a business card.
  4. Use them in a direct mail campaign. Golf tees are small enough to be sent through the mail inexpensively, and recipients will remember the company that sent them a custom golf tee pack more so one that sent them a postcard.
  5. Keep the tees with you on the golf course. In the event that a partner or someone else runs out of tees, offer them some of yours. You never know where you will find your next customer.
  6. Include them in a gift bag for visiting prospects and clients. People like to feel welcomed, and a little goody bag filled with a few branded products such as custom golf tees are sure to do just that.
  7. Create a fundraising event and hand the tees out to donors as a thanks. Philanthropy is always good press for a company, and handing out small tokens of thanks for donations ensure that donors feel appreciated.
  8. Sell golf tees in your online company store. For companies with a sales channel for their own branded merchandise, golf tees are a small item that employees or customers can buy to promote the business for you.
  9. Sponsor or hold your own golf tournament. Although this will not be feasible for every company, holding a corporate golf tournament can attract new customers and new business partners. Impress attendees with your attention to detail by making sure every element of the event—down to the golf tees—is within your brand vision.

BONUS TIP: Custom golf tees also make memorable bachelor party gifts and custom wedding favors!

Photo credit: flickr.com/wsdot

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