10 Must-Have Items for Your March Madness Party

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Ten must-have March Madness party products.

Here are 10 must-have March Madness party products

Plan a March Madness Party!

As usual, March Madness can hardly contain itself to the month itself. Though it starts on March 19, the games run until the Championship on April 8. And already in February plenty of people have been gearing up for what’s sure to be an epic tournament. If you’re thinking of throwing a championship party or perhaps a series of get-togethers to celebrate college sports’ biggest annual event, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the trappings necessary to make it the most memorable March Madness ever. From balloons to beer mugs to personalized stress balls, consider these great ideas!

10 Must-Have Products for your March Madness Party

  1. Invitations: You can’t throw a party without sending out your invitations. Whether you do these by post, email or Facebook, put a little thought into them. Let your guests know that this isn’t just any other March Madness event – you’re breaking out the party playbook on this one.
  2. Brackets: Of course, include a handy link to a set of brackets so your guests can print off a copy to bring with them – or provide them at the door as folks come in. If you’re just doing a Final Four or Championship event, you can shrink the bracket down to just the relevant games.
  3. T-shirts: While jerseys or college sweatshirts tend to be pretty popular attire for these parties, you might want to consider personalized T-shirts. These are great for team games, like charades, which can be a fun way to fill the time before the opening jump ball.
  4. Basketballs: Really want to impress your friends and family with a custom item? Personalized basketballs are a great option – and one that might come in handy for a quick halftime scrimmage in the driveway!
  5. Beer mugs: No sporting event is complete without a few cold brews to enjoy as you watch the frenetic action onscreen. Why not order a batch of custom beer mugs for you and your pals? Printed with your names or team allegiances along the side, they’re a great keepsake for this year’s tournament!
  6. Coolers: Naturally, you’ll need somewhere to keep all those beers. That’s where a custom cooler or insulated bag comes in handy. You’re sure to get plenty of use out of it come summer, as well!
  7. Bottle openers: One more essential part of the beer-quaffing trifecta, a few custom bottle openers will go over well with your guests. Printed with a personalized message, these are an affordable option and a great memento.
  8. Halftime scrimmage: So long as the snow in the driveway isn’t so bad, now might be the perfect time to take a few of those custom basketballs outside and play a quick game of b-ball with the old hoop. A few layups, steals and some fancy dribbling will get you pumped for the second half of the game.
  9. Stress balls: Of course, if the second half heads south for your team or one of your guests’, it might be the right time to break out the custom stress balls. Remember, there’s always next year!
  10. Photo frames: Despite all the NCAA action and excitement, the best part of any get together is the memories you’re making. Don’t be surprised if a decade down the road you remember that half-time driveway scrimmage a lot better than what school actually won the tournament. Why not help you and your guests hold onto those memories forever with a few personalized photo frames?

What Items Do You Need for Your March Madness Party?

There are Inkhead’s top 10 ideas for a stellar March Madness party, but you’re sure to have your own. Got a suggestion? Share it so that we can make next year’s tournament even better!

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