Why Make Your Own Sunglasses?

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5 reasons you'll want to order personalized sunglasses

Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to make your own sunglasses

Not surprisingly, sunglasses are perhaps the most popular fashion accessory out there. Not only are they handy for cutting down on bright sunlight streaming into our eyes, but they’re synonymous with cool. They work with formal or casual attire, but consistently remain fun. No wonder promotional sunglasses are always such a huge hit at group events. So, why would someone want to design their own custom sunglasses? Consider these top five reasons on why to make your own sunglasses – at least one of which you’re bound to run into this year!

5 Reasons Why to Make Your Own Sunglasses

  1. That upcoming wedding: Maid of honor, best man, parent, party planner or the bride and groom yourselves – whatever your role in the wedding, you can’t go wrong with an order of personalized sunglasses. These are ideal for a summer wedding, when the weather is beautiful and your guests will be spending plenty of time outdoors. Everyone will love taking their new shades home, where they’ll immediately become a fond memory of the event.
  2. The outdoor promotional event of the season: If you’re trying to build brand recognition for your corporation, chances are that you’ll be hosting some sort of outdoor promotional event in the coming season. Whether it’s a summertime-themed soiree or more in line with fall festivals, item giveaways are a must. Don’t forget the shades either – personalized with your company logo, these are sure to be among the most effective promotional products you hand out!
  3. Celebrating with your fraternity or sorority mates: While every weekend’s a celebration when you’re in college and hanging with your housemates, why not single out a particular time – perhaps after midterms or finals wrap up – to do something special. Inkhead has a variety of Greek gifts, but there’s no question as to why custom sunglasses are among the most popular – right next to pint glasses, of course.
  4. Team building event at your corporation: Any good business is built around employees who work together like a well-oiled machine. And while you can’t force a team to mesh perfectly together, you can encourage that process organically by building a little spirit around the office! If you’re holding a team-building event sometime soon, consider how personalized sunglasses might boost morale. And don’t forget the custom croakies, so workers have a way to hold onto their new shades.
  5. The 5K or 10K you’re sponsoring this year: As you’ve probably noticed, lots of local road races rely on community businesses for funding. Of course, if you’re a small or big business in the area – from coffee shops to insurance companies – this is a great opportunity to advertise, build brand recognition and reel in some goodwill. So why not also take the opportunity to hand out promotional sunglasses to racers as they register or cross the finish line? You’ll have a fleet of runners bearing your corporate logo, and they’ll be protected from glare.

Why do you want to make your own sunglasses?

What events would you order custom sunglasses for? Let us know so we can improve our own list!

Ready to make your own sunglasses? Shop Now »

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