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Why You Should Order Logo Calendars Now


Why You Should Order Logo Calendars Now

Many businesses use logo calendars to promote products or services to their customers throughout the year, but most companies wait until late November or early December before they order calendars for the next year.

Here are 30 reasons why you should order your logo calendars sooner than later.

30 Reasons to Order Logo Calendars Now

  1. Custom Calendars are InkHead’s third highest-selling promotional product.
  2. According to our internal sales numbers, seventy percent of all logo calendars are sold during the last two months of the year.
  3. Suppliers frequently run of out stock on many of the most popular calendar styles well before the year ends.
  4. According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (an informational organization for the promotional products industry), calendars are displayed for at least 8 months of the year.
  5. Calendars are often viewed daily, which means daily impressions for your brand.
  6. Calendars are among the top 10 most effective promotional products you should buy.
  7. Custom Swimsuit Calendar

    We have all sorts of logo calendars, including the always-popular swimsuit calendar.

    InkHead has nearly 400 styles of calendars from which to choose, ranging from custom wallet calendars to promotional large wall calendars.

  8. We sell calendars for as low as 25¢ each, so there are options for even the tightest budgets.
  9. Once a calendar style is out of stock, you won’t be able to get it again in that calendar year.
  10. The sooner you order, the more time you have to send the logo calendars to your clients.
  11. Ordering before the end of the year will also give us time to address any misprints or other mistakes that might occur.
  12. According to the 2010 ASI Impressions Study, 75% of recipients display their calendar.
  13. Calendars are inexpensive advertising, especially when compared to other advertising media: each impression costs roughly 0.003¢.
  14. Further, the ASI study found that 82% of calendar recipients were able to recall the advertiser of the item.
  15. That same study found 91% of respondents kept calendars because they were useful.
  16. What’s more, after receiving a calendar, 65% of respondents indicated that they did business with the advertiser.
  17. Calendars have broad appeal; while most products have target demographics, calendars are used by almost everyone.
  18. Custom Religious Calendars

    We also carry religious calendars for churches, spiritual groups, and funeral homes.

    Calendars bought in retail stores can cost as much as $20 a piece; capitalize on that perceived value with a calendar featuring your own logo.

  19. Promotional products in general but calendars in particular help your business stay top of mind for recipients.
  20. The first calendar with logo wins. Recipients of multiple calendars will generally display the first one they receive, so make sure you’re not behind the competition.
  21.  Clients won’t throw a calendar away if it has their name on it. We offer personalization on our calendars as well; for a nominal fee, you can have each of your client’s names printed on a calendar.
  22. Unsold calendars are liquidated in January and calendar for the following next year are stocked, so now is the time to order.
  23. You can support the economy and buy American-made calendars.
  24. A logo calendar sent in early December could mean a big sale before Christmas.
  25. Many companies don’t roll their marketing budgets over from year to year; if you don’t spend those marketing dollars now, you may not be able to spend them at all.
  26. Shipping times sometimes get longer around the holidays as more people use delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and the USPS.
  27. Rush service options also become more limited as we enter the holidays; don’t get caught behind the eight ball by waiting too late to order your calendars with logo.
  28. Your brand or logo will be seen over 2,500 times on average over the life of the calendar.
  29. A calendar unused by the original recipient can be passed on and used by another party. Not all promotional products offer such flexibility.
  30. A promotional calendar hand-delivered to a client will resonate far more than a holiday card or some other form of direct mail marketing.

Can you think of any other reasons why now is the time to order your logo calendars?

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