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Local Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities for Your Business


Local Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

Are you looking for new ways to build up your business’ reputation around town? Well, giving away promotional itemslike custom pens, water bottles, drink koozies and sunglasses can be a great way to generate goodwill among people in your community, but it’s far from the only method. In fact, to supplement your existing advertising strategies, you should consider sponsoring a variety of local events and organizations within your town and city. Not only is this a great way to get your name and logo out there, but it shows your neighbors that you’re a caring and concerned member of the marketplace.


Not sure where to begin spreading the word about your business? Here are a few local sponsorship and advertising opportunities to keep in mind.


Children’s sports leagues

Between basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf and hockey, there are likely about a dozen different children’s sports leagues in your area looking for financial support. This is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community, support youth fitness and make sure that parents around town see your business’ name emblazoned on their little athlete’s uniforms.

School functions

Is there a school play going on in town? How about a talent show? School events are usually looking for sponsors to help them curb their overhead costs so they can continue throughout the year. In particular, look into advertising on the paper programs that parents will be taking home as souvenirs.

Town concerts

Whether it’s a summer festival or holiday concert, many towns and cities put on community music shows that are big draws for the local population. Sponsoring this type of event will ensure that a large chunk of your neighbors see your business’ logo on a poster or banner during the night. It also doesn’t hurt to be a noted supporter of the arts when you’re looking to reach out to new customers.

School yearbooks

High school yearbooks are an important keepsake for many young people and their families, but they can also be quite expensive to produce in large quantities. To keep the price down for students, many school yearbook committees will reach out to nearby businesses for financial contributions in exchange for placing an advertisement somewhere in the pages. And considering that nostalgic high school seniors and their families will likely be pouring over every page and detail, it won’t hurt that they see your name in the yearbook as well.

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