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Consider these top 15 promotional items for law firm marketing

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Have you been looking for some legal marketing tactics for your firm? Television ads, notices in print publications, billboards, bus bench signs, radio — there are a lot of media out there that you can use to get the word out. But sometimes something a little more subtle is in order. As The New York Times noted, promotional items can be surprisingly effective.

Promotional products have two purposes. First, they have the essential use that they were built for. Bags carry groceries or gym clothes. Pens jot down notes and sign real estate transactions or checks. But the added purpose that promotional items have is this: They spread your brand far and wide. Your firm isn’t just advertised on a sign or radio spot — it’s in people’s pockets, on their desks and part of their day-to-day lives.

Want to start out with some essential office promotional products? Consider these 15 as a launching point.

1. Pens
Custom pens are the gold standard of the marketing products industry. They’re cheap, effective and spread like wildfire. Leave them with clients, drop them in local coffee shops and hand them out at an open house or closing. These pens are designed to be viral, and you’ll be surprised how efficient they are at getting in desks and pockets everywhere.

2. Pencils
Sometimes erasers are necessary. Everyone makes mistakes  — except your firm. Go the same route as your pens with these personalized pencils, or think up a witty saying to win over new clients. Don’t forget to include your firm’s website.

3. Scratch pads
Even in the digital age, sometimes what you need most at your desk is somewhere to scrawl a quick note or jot down a phone number. Whether you’re leaving a message for a secretary or doodling on a client call, there’s no reason not to personalize your company notepads.

4. Notebooks
Sometimes you need something a little more respectable than scratch paper. For closings and company meetings, a notebook can come in handy. And it’s sure to look spiffy with the firm’s name embossed on the cover. These make for great giveaways to interns, too!

5. Mugs
Where would lawyers be without coffee? And how could your office get by without custom mugs for your law firm? These are an absolute must, and they make for great party favors at the firm’s next event. While you’re at it, now might be the perfect time to get a batch of promotional travel mugs as well!

6. Lanyards
These are great for clerks or office interns, depending on how large your firm happens to be. Lanyards will help these new hires feel like part of a larger team, and they’re also a subtle form of marketing.

7. Magnets
Magnetic surfaces are all over the place, from filing cabinets to break room refrigerators. That’s a lot of advertising space at your disposal. A batch of magnets carrying your firm’s name, website and phone number could come in handy.

8. Bumper stickers
Granted, these aren’t a good fit for every firm. But for a personal injury attorney, advertising your services on a car bumper could be a great idea. Make sure your name and number appear in large print on these marketing bumper stickers.

9. Sports bags
Law professionals tend to undergo a decent amount of day-to-day stress, and there’s no better place to burn it off than the gym. Encourage employees to stay fit and healthy by offering perks like company duffel bags. This way they can rep their pride in the firm while also advertising your services and building a brand name.

10. Water bottles
What better athletic equipment combo than a sports bag and a promotional water bottle? This way lawyers can stay hydrated through all that coffee and exercise.

11. Business card holders
Back in the office, it’s essential that any lawyer’s desk look dignified, organized and professional. Business card holders are an excellent place to start, and you can get them customized with law firm names or personalized to individual partners.

12. Calendars
Desk and wall calendars are also a great investment for your offices — plus they’re perfect annual giveaways at New Year’s parties. Send them to loyal clients as a sign of your appreciation for their continued patronage.

13. Calculators
While every computer these days comes equipped with about ten different calculator apps, who has the time to go looking for those? Besides, promotional calculators can look classy and respectable on a physical — not digital — desktop.

14. Golfing equipment
When it comes to legal marketing, sometimes you’ve got to think outside the office.

As Kane Consulting’s law marketing blog recently observed, face-to-face networking is still an essential way to win new clients and build your industry reputation. Since plenty of client communications and new projects start and end on the links, custom golfing equipment is often a must. Choose from equipment from respected brands like Nike, Titleist and Callaway.

15. Paperweights
In this digital day and age, paperweights aren’t at the top of anybody’s list for must-have office items. However, when they’re customized by you and imprinted with a personal message or design, these become a generous gift to respected clients and valued employees. Personalized paperweights are a striking addition to any desk.

InkHead is happy to carry these 15 fantastic promotional products, but they’re not the only quality items law firms can use. Take a look at the various tech equipment you can customize for your firm, and consider what other fun and goofy goods might make for a fun office party or local event.

If you’re considering a law firm marketing strategy for your practice, start with custom pens, paperweights and other top-tier products. InkHead’s entire line of promotional items can help your legal team become a success.

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