How to Reward Your Employees this Labor Day


Labor Day Gift Ideas
Labor Day, founded in 1882, gives the average working stiff one final respite during the summer months before the drive toward the holiday season. Most people take the weekend as an opportunity to do some traveling, have one last poolside barbecue or finalize their fantasy football drafts.

In that vein, take the day as an opportunity to reward your hard-working employees by offering gifts they could use on their travels or at their Labor Day parties.

10 Labor Day Gift Ideas for Employees

    1. Customized Auto OrganizersCustomized Auto Organizers: If your employees are hitting the road for the holiday, then one of InkHead’s many automobile accessories would be a gift they could use on their trip and beyond. Pictured here is item #24035 the Life in Motion Large Cargo Box, which features two insulated bottle holders, bungee cords to store maps and other papers, as well as a large insulated main compartment for food and drinks.
    1. Custom Auto Sun ShadesCustom Auto Sun Shades: There’s not much worse than coming to a stuffy hot car after having been at the beach. Workers traveling to the beach and other sunny locales would appreciate item #11620, the Car Sun Shade. Not only does the shade cool the car and protect the dashboard from fading, it will also build your brand!
    1. Promotional Auto Safety AccessoriesPromotional Auto Safety Accessories: There are a few items that should be in every motorist’s vehicle, and item #4769 the Roadster Gift Set has them all: a pen for recording urgent messages, a flashlight for changing tires in the dark, and a pressure gauge to check your tires’ PSI before hitting the road. Also included is a gift box to hold all the components of this handy Labor Day gift set.
    1. Custom Label Hand SanitizerCustom Label Hand Sanitizer: Whether traveling or partying next to the pool for Labor Day, it can be tough to make it to a restroom to wash your hands before meals. In those instances, items like the 24718 10 ml Hand Sanitizer Spray are incredibly useful. This FDA-approved hand sanitizer spray includes a convenient clip top so it can be attached to a bag or purse without a problem.
    1. Promotional GrillsPromotional Grills: If you really want to reward your biggest earners, items like the Weekend Explorer Grill and Cooler are a great way to do it. Made from Dobby-Tec 420d polyester with PVC backing, this heavy-gauge steel grill burns charcoal or wood. An outer chamber holds the grill while the insulated inner cooler compartment holds up to ten 12 oz. cans, making it perfect for football tailgating season.
    1. Promotional SunscreenCustom Printed Sunscreen: Since Labor Day is considered by many to be Summer’s last hurrah, personal items such as the Holiday Carabiner sunscreen pack are really useful for employees and customers alike. With SPF30 sunscreen in a handy little bottle with a carabiner that can be clipped to a bag or purse, this item will be seen many times around the pool on Labor Day weekend.
    1. Custom Label Lip BalmCustom Label Lip Balm: Like we need sunscreen to protect our skin, it’s also beneficial for us to use lip balm if we know we will be outside for extended periods of time. Item 12338 offers PABA-free sun protection plus moisturizer to combat dryness and chapping. Sunblock contains both UVA and UVB protectors, along with aloe vera to soothe lips.
    1. Imprinted Towels WholesaleImprinted Towels: Few items are as useful as a towel. If you know your employees will be hitting the pool or the beach this Labor Day, then a 100% cotton sheer woven terry beach towel may be just the thing they need.
    1. Promotional Luggage ID TagsPromotional Luggage Tags: Airports are among the busiest places on the planet, making luggage tags a sensible promotional item to purchase, especially if you have a traveling sales team. Even if you don’t have a outside sales team, luggage tags make great gifts to any of your employees that may be traveling via air over the Labor Day weekend.
    1. Promotional Picnic ItemsPromotional Picnic Items: Many people plan outdoor parties for Labor Day, so cater to those folks with an item such as 18420, the 10 ml Citronella Bug Spray, which is DEET-free and has a citronella scent. Made in the USA and approved by the FDA, you can feel good handing this out to customers and employees alike.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for Labor Day gift ideas, InkHead has you covered. Labor Day promotional products such as the Weekend Explorer Grill or the Roadster Gift Set above are sure to make your employees feel special—hopefully inspiring them to continue their hard work when they return from a restful Labor Day weekend.

Items featured in this post are subject to availability. Please phone 800-554-0127 or Live Chat with a promotional expert to confirm stock before ordering.

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