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Six tips to keep your team motivated at work


Here are six tips to keep your team motivated at work.

At any time of year, morale can start to flag around the office. Sometimes it’s the result of a team member leaving, sometimes it’s holiday stress and on other occasions, it can be the result of a taxing project, sickness or just plain old bad moods. When your team looks like it needs a pick me up, there are a variety of things you can try to get them back in fighting shape.

6 Tips to Keep the Team Motivated

  1. Honor the top-performing workers with employee recognition ceremonies. One of the best and easiest ways to improve morale is to congratulate those who have performed well. Be sure to give incentives for workers to become top-performers, but also keep in mind that those who are performing with day-to-day efficiency deserve recognition too. Consider offering custom awards, certificates or promotional products to employees.
  2. Give employees leadership and project lead positions. If you want to reward your employees for their excellent work in a constructive way, you can always give them more responsibility by assigning them to lead a project or head up a team of their own. This is sure to give them the confidence and drive to do a great job, and their renewed enthusiasm will catch on with the workers they oversee.
  3. Institute a casual dress Friday. Perhaps what your employees need most is to just relax and unwind a bit more around the office. While this shouldn’t be the case all week, a casual dress Friday could just be the thing to restore energy around the office. With the weekend seeming that much closer, your employees are likely to give 110 percent before heading home for a relaxing weekend.
  4. Try some classic team-building activities. They may seem hokey or ineffectual, but there’s a reason why so many companies and team building gurus use games and tactics like trust falls, egg tosses, and ice breakers like “two truths and a lie” to build up a group’s spirit.
  5. Encourage healthy competition with custom pedometers. Workplace wellness has long been shown to improve productivity, so why not get your team members moving with some custom pedometers? Encourage folks to walk more, whether it’s to take public transportation, after work or during their lunch hours. Provide incentives for the highest ranking pedometer.
  6. Build team pride. Why not give out custom sweatshirts or personalized T-shirts to your workers with team slogans or company logos on them. This can help build pride and spirit!

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