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January Holiday Calendar


As the new year rolls forward, we move on to the January Holiday Calendar, which highlights holidays, oddball observances, and other days of note throughout the month that you can tie into an unforgettable promotion. Did you know that January 11 was Milk Day? Yad sdrawkcab si 13 yraunaJ dna!

Take a moment, peruse the calendar, and read our ideas on ways to use these days to your advantage in your next marketing campaign. If you have a better idea than the one we suggest, why not tell us about it?

January 2-8

Drinking Straw Day

When? January 3

What? Since drinking straws are not absolutely necessary to enjoy most beverages, they may seem like a luxury item, but many drink containers would be utterly useless without the straw. The modern drinking straw was patented on January 3, 1888 by Marvin C. Stone, a factory worker who sought to improve pre-modern straws, which were made of rye grass and made beverages taste like grass. Instead, he used a piece of paper coated in wax to enjoy his beverages, and soon after the trend caught on.

How? As mentioned already, several types of drink container would be nearly useless without a drinking straw, such as one of our perennial favorites, the custom water bottle. Custom Water Bottles are great for nearly any promotional campaign.

National Bird Day

National Bird Day

When? January 5

What? With 12% of the world’s bird species and 30% of parrot species facing extinction, now is as a good a time as any to take up ornithology and study our winged friends. In addition to appreciating the birds flying outside our homes and offices, National Bird Day seeks to educate and enlighten individuals on practices in the pet industry that exploit birds from of other countries. For more information on National Bird Day, be sure to visit the Born Free USA National Bird Day homepage.

How? What better way to encourage bird-watching than with a pair of Customized Promotional Binoculars? We have several styles available, so you are sure to find some that will fit your marketing budget.

Old Rock Day

When? January 7

What? “Old Rock Day” does not sound very glamorous, does it? Perhaps a flashier term for “old rocks” would be “fossils” or “gemstones.” In any event, Old Rock Day is a good time to discuss geology and the earth’s history. Can you name the three types of rocks? Why, it’s sedimentary (and igneous and metamorphic), my dear Watson!

How? We got rocks. Rock Stress Balls, that is.

January 9-15

Milk Day

National Milk Day

When? January 11

What? We celebrate Milk Day on January 11 because milk was supposedly delivered in bottles for the first time on January 11, 1878. I use the term “supposedly” because the back story for the holiday is apocryphal at best. In any event, January 11 is a good day to enjoy a tall glass of ice-cold milk.

How? Seriously, we have an extensive selection of stress balls. We even have multiple varieties of Cow Stress Balls from which to choose for your next Milk Day promotional campaign.

Work Harder Day

When? January 12

What? Don’t tell your boss, but January 12 is Work Harder Day. My cursory Internet research did little in illuminating the history behind the day, but use January 12 as a day to stay focused and work diligently.

How? Work harder by working smarter. One of the best ways to work smarter is by being organized. Perhaps a Personalized Desk Organizer will kick-start your next advertising plan.

Poetry Break Day

When? January 13

What? Poetry Break Day is another one of those holidays that may have started as an idea in a classroom and has blossomed into a full-fledged day of observance. Use the day to take a moment and read a poem or jot down a haiku or two.

How? To encourage prospects, customers, or employees to write on Poetry Break Day, why not purchase some Personalized Promotional Jotters?

January 16-22

National Religious Freedom Day

When? January 16

What? According to Wikipedia, “National Religious Freedom Day commemorates the Virginia General Assembly’s adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s landmark Virgina Statute for Religious Freedom on January 16, 1786. This vital document became the basis for the separation of church and state, and led to freedom of religion for all Americans, as protected in the religion clause in the US Constitution’s First Amendment.

How? National Religious Freedom Day is a good day for churches to connect with their parishioners with a promotional event. After all, without the First Amendment, who knows whether they would be here? Promotional Hand Fans are always a good choice.

Popcorn Day

When? January 19

What? Popcorn, first discovered thousands of years ago by Native Americans, is one of the oldest forms of corn. Evidence of popcorn from 3600 BC has been found in New Mexico. The product saw a spike in sales during the Great Depression due to its being comparatively cheaper than most other snack products, and it has not dwindled in popularity ever since.

How? This is an easy one. Promote your business, organization, or cause on Popcorn Day by getting some Promotional Popcorn Tins.

Hat Day

Hat Day

When? January 21

What? Perhaps you remember Hat Day from those years in elementary school. Hat Day, like Casual Fridays, is a good way to lighten the mood at your office or workplace, so consider celebrating the event this year.

How? On Hat Day, connect with clients by handing out Custom Hats, which are a good way to keep your company or brand on the top of everyone’s minds.

January 23-29

Compliment Day

When? January 24

What? Who doesn’t love receiving a sincere compliment? Give one to everyone you see on January 24 and promote goodwill among your fellow human beings. In a world where too often we approach others with cynicism or caution informed by xenophobia, Compliment Day is a reminder to be nice to those around you.

How? Kind words go far, but kind deeds go further. Pay your top prospects and clients a compliment by getting them a handsome Leather Corporate Gift.

Chocolate Cake Day

When? January 27

What? Roughly five weeks into Winter and already feeling depressed? Miss all those heavy desserts from the holidays? Jonesing for your chocolate fix? If this sounds like you, then you should consider celebrating Chocolate Cake Day by baking a chocolate cake, enjoying some chocolate cake, or at least thinking about some cake. While the health effects of chocolate are up for debate, it’s no secret that chocolate makes most of us feel good. Really good. Some even say that chocolate is better than kissing, if you can believe that.

How? While we don’t offer chocolate cake here at InkHead, we do offer the next best thing: Cake Slice Stress Balls! (OK, so it may not be the next best thing, but it’s pretty darn good.)

Puzzle Day

Puzzle Day

When? January 29

What? Perhaps it’s a testament to the inquisitive nature of the human spirit, but we love puzzles and the many forms they take. Sudoku, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and other brain-teasing games are not only fun, they also stimulate our brains and enhance our mental agility. January 29 is a good day to challenge your office staff to complete the New York Times crossword (without the Internet!), engage in Sudoku showdowns, or play a rousing game of Scrabble during their lunch break.

How? While InkHead offers many promotional puzzles and puzzle games, perhaps the best are our Custom Rubik’s Cubes, guaranteed to provide hours of computation and deep thought to its recipient.

January 30-February 5

Backwards Day

When? January 31

What? Backwards Day most likely started as a classroom tool to teach youngsters about the differences between “front” and “back,” but it’s still a fun day to celebrate as an adult. Wear an article of clothing backwards, have breakfast food for dinner, or sign your emails with your name in reverse. As silly as it may seem, using a day like Backwards Day as a tie-in for your promotional campaign can be a boon to your company.

How? Custom computer monitor mirrors are a good promotional item to get for Backwards Day. After all, mirrors show things in backwards or reverse, rather than the way they really are.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

When? February 2

What? We’ve all heard the story: A groundhog saunters out of its hidey-hole on February 2, has a look around, and depending on whether he sees his shadow, either Winter persists for another six weeks or Spring arrives early. Frankly, I can never keep straight which condition means what outcome, so I consulted Wikipedia for clarification.

If it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow, the groundhog will depart his home, therefore signifying the Winter’s imminent end. On the other hand, if the day is sunny and the groundhog “sees its shadow,” it will retreat back into its hole, and Winter will persist for another 6 weeks. Seems counter-intuitive to me, but what do I know? I’m not an Early American folklorist by any stretch.

Also interesting is that due to the dearth of groundhogs indigenous to Alaska, Alaskans as of 2009 celebrate Marmot Day instead of Groundhog Day. Thanks, Sarah Palin.

How? Customized Sunglasses would make a clever promotional item to use as a tie-in for Groundhog Day, given that the Sun plays such a vital role in determining whether the groundhog will see its reflection.

Disaster Day

When? February 5

What? Disaster Day sounds a bit ominous, no? Mayhap a more appropriate title for this day is “Disaster Preparedness Day,” but that just doesn’t quite the same ring to it, does it? In any event, February 5 is a good day to make sure you have an emergency evacuation route mapped out for any buildings you may occupy on a given day. Also, since many of us may never experience carnage inflicted by a natural disaster, Disaster Day is a good day to go over the importance of fire safety with your children (as well as any pyromaniacs you may know).

How? Thinking outside the box on this one somewhat, but our fire extinguisher salad dressing dispensers would serve as a great reminder to recipients that they should make sure they have a home evacuation route planned in the event of emergency.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of ways to promote your business, but tying your next marketing campaign to a wacky holiday or unusual observance will make your efforts stand out above the rest.

As always the items featured in this post are subject to availability, so be sure to check with one of our Promotions Specialists before ordering to ensure that we have sufficient stock available.

We are InkHead Promotional Products, and it’s Your brand. Your message.

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