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What’s Hot Right Now: InkJoy Pens

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InkJoy Pens are one of our top products for 2012

Have you heard about InkJoy, the new pen from Paper Mate? Touted as “the world’s most stolen pen,” the InkJoy combines the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pens into one single blissful writing experience. With incredible smoothness and a fast drying-time, InkJoy is the synthesis of the functional and the emotional.

What’s even better is that InkHead carries the InkJoy pen among its vast selection of personalized pens, so you can customize the InkJoy pen for your next marketing event or promotion. We’re so excited about the InkJoy that we named it one of our top promotional products for 2012!

Here are 5 of our favorite ways to use custom InkJoy pens from Paper Mate. How would you use the InkJoy pen?

5 Ways to Use the New InkJoy Pen

  1. Trade show giveaways: Because the InkJoy pen is new, trade show attendees will be excited to get their hands on one. What’s more, attendees are more likely to remember the booth that had the new pen versus the booths that had the same old trinkets.
  2. Employee appreciation gifts: Discerning employees will appreciate the new pen and will be excited to show them off to their friends.
  3. To promote movies or other exhibitions: If you have an event approaching, the InkJoy pen will get invitees excited about attending the big show!
  4. Educational programs: The InkJoy pen is also great for back-to-school programs, university clubs and student organizations!
  5. Direct mail campaigns: Using the InkJoy pen in your direct mail campaign is bound to generate some customer interest.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the Paper Mate’s global campaign, chances are that you have heard about the new InkJoy pen, the world’s most stolen pen. Thanks to InkHead, you can now order the InkJoy pen customized the way you want!

How could your company use the InkJoy pen? Have you already ordered the pen and seen positive results? Leave a comment to tell us about it!

The InkJoy pen is subject to availability and may not be in stock at the time of your order. Please call 800-554-0127 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET Monday through Friday to confirm stock is available.

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