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Check out InkHead on YouTube!


Check out InkHead on YouTube!

Did you know that over 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? And while it’s unclear how many of those hours are devoted to people getting hit in the groin or cat videos, I can say with confidence that at least a small portion of that video is useful. I myself have learned several things by watching YouTube videos, ranging from origami techniques to how to repair my cell phone.

While we are still in the early stages of the project, we here at InkHead are doing our part in adding to the number of useful videos on YouTube. In addition to starting a YouTube channel, we have also implemented product videos for some of our most popular and unique items.

InkHead’s YouTube Channel

Currently, the YouTube channel mainly houses the initial wave of product videos and a couple interviews that our charismatic VP of Sales Jim Franklyn has done with Talk of the Town, a local TV show here in Winder, GA. Over time, however, we plan to make the YouTube channel yet another avenue where you can learn more about our products, our services, our company, and our people. You might even see a cat video. So if you’re active on YouTube or just curious about what videos we’re planning, be sure to subscribe to InkHead on YouTube.

Product Videos on InkHead

Product Videos on InkHead

Click image to view where to find product videos on product listings.

While we only have about a dozen product videos presently, we are planning to add more and more over time so that you can use product videos as part of purchasing process. While the videos mainly provide a brief overview of the product, your video host (and InkHead account manager) Derek occasionally includes ideas for promotions and other pertinent information in the videos. See the screenshot to your right to see where to locate product videos (on the products that have them).

The Bottom Line

As we have said before, an informed customer is a happy customer, which is why we have added functionality like product questions and product reviews in the last few months. Now, with the addition of InkHead’s product videos, we are offering prospective buyers an opportunity to view the product in a more realistic environment than just a product image. Shopping for Custom Printed Logo Products can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our hope is that these product videos and our presence on YouTube will help further that notion.

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