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Most of us in the workaday world don’t have a lot in common with international secret agents. We don’t usually wear cummerbunds unless we park other people’s cars for a living. We don’t play baccarat; for most of us, playing computer solitaire while sitting on hold is as close as we get to Monte Carlo. And if you and I drank vodka martinis on the job, regardless of whether they were shaken or stirred, we’d be fired pretty quickly.

One thing that we do share with the double-nought spies of the world, however, is that sooner or later, we travel. For some of us, it may be for the occasional out-of-town conference, for others, our work week may be a blur of terminals, changing flights, bad airline food, and worse hotel beds. As long as your employees or your clients travel, they’ll be happy to receive Promotional Travel Gifts such as we carry at InkHead Promotional Products. Remember, it’s the promotional items that best combine usefulness and aesthetics that get your business or brand the most impressions, and those items InkHead Q-certified cool will do the job.

Custom Travel Accessories

Whether your clients are flying business-class or coach, the flights take just as long, and the destinations are just as demanding, so whatever their pay grade may be, our ProTravel Technology Set will be much appreciated. The set includes several items we sell separately—universal travel adapter, inflatable neck pillow, air-safe toiletry kit (transparent pouch and bottles that meet TSA guidelines), noise-cancellation headphones, and Executive Book Light—packaged in a smart carrying case embossed with your logo or brand, so your grateful traveler knows just who to thank for a relaxing flight and stress-free landing.

Personalized Travel Accessories

If your sales people, regional reps, or IT troubleshooters include driving as part of their gig, you’ll want to make sure to do your own Q thing and outfit them for the road. Our Automotive Travel Set is compact but holds an arsenal any road warrior can use: pen, tire gauge, mini flashlight, notepad, coin holder, voice recorder, and a universal starter that can jump-start most dead car batteries via the car’s DC adapter (cigarette lighter). All of this in a smart carrying case that takes a silkscreened logo and will save your travelers the headache of rummaging through the glove compartment, because nobody looks cool rummaging through the glove compartment.

Custom Personalized Travel Accessories

One thing all travelers share is a constant barrage of noise throughout the day. Airports, traffic, meeting after meeting, restaurants and greasy spoons, heavy machinery or machine-gun fire (depending on your line of work)—the business traveler experiences enough discordance to fray even the most steely nerves, which is why a good night’s sleep is of vital importance to doing good business. That said, clients and employees alike will thank you for the gift of relaxation and tranquil dreams when you present them with our Nature Sounds Travel Alarm Clock. This item contains an alarm clock with snooze, calendar, indoor thermometer, earphone jack, and speaker that plays six relaxing sounds from nature, all in a compact pocket-sized unit.

These items are, as always, subject to availability, so be sure to consult with one of our Promotions Specialists to make sure we can meet your needs for any of these corporate travel gifts or anything else on our award-winning website.

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