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I am a huge fan of the James Bond movies (even the bad ones), and I really like Daniel Craig as Bond in the recent reboot of the character, so it’s breaking my heart that the venerable United Artists film studio, distributor of the Bond films, has gone under and left the future of the series in doubt.

Much as I like Craig, however, in the new movies there is no Q. Fans of the series will remember Q—code for “Quartermaster”—the cantankerous old gentleman, played by the late Desmond Llewellyn (replaced after his death by John Cleese for one movie), who supplied Bond with all of the nifty and outlandish gadgets that would save his life again and again. If only all of us had a Q… Maybe we don’t need a Lotus that turns into a submarine or a helicopter in a suitcase, but I can’t even begin to count the number of times I could have used a laser beam in my watch. How about you?

Here at InkHead Promotional Products we don’t have much in the way of offensive weaponry, but here and there among our vast inventory of promotional pens, personalized coffee mugs, and custom apparel we have some items that go above and beyond usefulness and into the stratosphere of cool. Not just promotional items, here are multitasking gadgets that will really make your promotion stand out and definitely get you remembered. We’re ready to imprint your logo and ship. Just call us Q… InkHead Q.

Imprinted Tape Measures

Today’s topic is Promotional Tape Measures and we present three for your consideration. The first is the Tape Measure Multi-tool. We carry several tape measures with built-in bubble levels and several with LED lights, but this one has an LED and a side panel that flips up to reveal a calculator, mini memo pad, and mini pen for making calculations and taking notes.

Personalized Tape Measures

If, on the other hand, you don’t have another hand, you can make notes verbally by thumbing the “record” button on this 16′ 3-in-1 Voice Recorder Tape Measure. Along with the locking tape and an LED light, this tool features a ten-second recorder function, good for noting a measurement or a sudden burst of inspiration.

Custom Tape Measures

While we’ve been told that it helps to whistle while we work, sometimes whistling a Clapton solo is no substitute for the real thing, which is why your customers who work with tape measures may appreciate a measure that tells them how long things are and plays “Layla.”  The 16′ 3-in-1 Radio Tape Measure features the tape, an LED, and an FM-scan radio built in.

As with anything you buy anywhere, these items are subject to availability, so check with us to make sure we can fill your promotional needs with these neat little multitaskers. Once we do, however, watch the power of gadgets going to work for you as every time one of these items gets passed around, every curious onlooker taking in the coolness becomes a potential customer looking at your brand.

We’re InkHead, and we’re on a mission.

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