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InkHead Q: Shaken, Not Stirred


The primary reason we do InkHead Q is to showcase items in InkHead Promotional Products‘ huge inventory that have that certain extra sheen of neato about them that will appeal to lovers of gadgets and gear, those people who will hang onto these promotional items and show them off to friends and coworkers because they’re just so nifty. And while they claim bragging rights to the gear you’ve provided them as gifts or giveaways, they’ll also show off your logo, prominently displayed, generating impressions for your business or organization again and again.

Our inspiration is the man in the high-tech basement who kept a certain operative of Her Majesty’s Secret Service in sleek and deadly cool. And aside from a ruthless attitude, lethal combat skills, the ability to wear a tuxedo like it was invented for him, and an irresistible attractiveness to the fairer sex, that operative also knows his way around a bar. He knows the right wine for all occasions, the perfect temperature to serve a champagne by region, and the only way to make a proper vodka martini. And in that spirit (no pun intended), we present some promotional items and executive gifts from our Bar & Wine Gifts page that also have that suave but dangerous appeal, just in time for the holidays.

Veneto Digital Wine Thermometer With Corkscrew - Black

Few things in this world are as ghastly as wine at the wrong temperature. This isn’t hype; it’s true. A warm Riesling or a cold shiraz are not only undrinkable, but they’re a waste of money. That’s why your customers will appreciate the gift of the Veneto Digital Wine Thermometer. This pocket-sized device has a corkscrew for getting into the wine and a fold-out thermometer probe for making sure the wine is at the proper temperature for drinking. As knowledge of wine is becoming more and more an indispensable item in the 21st-century toolbox, this gadget will be of tremendous help to your customers who know wine—or want to look like they do.

Attache I - Martini Set

Back in the days when vodka was made from potatoes, one ordered a vodka martini shaken to diminish the oily residue from the vodka. Nowadays vodka is made from grain, but shaking is still preferred by many for making the drink colder as the ice infuses the mixture. One thing remains the same, however: whether you’re at the blackjack table or on a picnic, a martini must be served in a martini glass. The Attache I Martini Set makes sure that your customers have a proper martini wherever they may be. With a flask, cup, shaker, and two martini classes packed inside a handsome black case silkscreened with your logo, this set will have your end-users looking for occasions to bring this handy Instant Sophistication Kit along.

Zippo Sin Set Cigar / Flask Combo

We recommend many of these corporate gifts as ideal for the holidays, but the Zippo Sin Set Cigar/Flask Combo makes a great gift for your employees and potential clients year-round to celebrate the close of a deal. It’s certainly tailor-made for old-school celebrating. The pocket-sized stainless steel case has two compartments: one can hold a 46-ring gauge cigar, and the other is a 2 oz. flask. The case takes laser-engraving for a handsome look. When the fat lady sings, these are a great gift for toasting the aria.

As with everything we feature here, check with us to make sure we have them in stock. Be sure to review all the Corporate Gifts InkHead has to offer.

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