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InkHead Q: Multi-function Flashlights


At InkHead Promotional Products we sell a lot of flashlights, from mini-LED units that hook onto your keychain to monster-sized lanterns you can see from space. But this is InkHead Q, our blog-within-a-blog featuring promotional gadgets designed to satisfy you and your customers’ inner MacGyver, so we’re going to look at some flashlights that do more than just show you where you’re going.

Thanks to the growing adoption of LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs as the new standard, flashlights last longer on a battery, are more eco-friendly, cast a cleaner and brighter light, and can be lighter and much more compact. If you’re a camper, hiker, or anyone else who travels with gear, you know that every ounce counts, and so the new generation of flashlights is heaven-sent. It also allows for flashlights to be combined with other tools to make truly useful gear for emergency situations, which in turn provides a great opportunity for your business or cause to generate goodwill and brand loyalty by personalizing and giving these tools to clients, school organizations, Scouts, or any other group that may find themselves in dark and sticky situations.

Custom Printed Flashlights

While InkHead carries quite a few promotional flashlights with FM scan radio capability, the Emergency Flashlight Clock/Radio is also equipped with a backlit LCD screen with clock, calendar, stopwatch, and alarm, as well as a compass on the wrist strap. We like it because it has a variety of functions that can be utilized simultaneously with only a couple of buttons, and its compact design is both useful and attractive.

Logo Flashlights

There are multitools that include flashlights as part of their arsenals, and there are flashlights that have attached tools (one such light on our site looks like a metallic shrimp when fully deployed), but this one is my favorite, an unassuming handled flashlight with a pivoting lamp on the outside, the 28-Piece Tool Light Set opens up to reveal 4 mini-screwdrivers, another driver with 10 sockets, 12 bits, and an extension. That is a serious compact emergency tool kit that your end-users are going to keep handy — along with your logo and their thanks — because when stuff hits the fan you really can never have too many tools.

Wholesale Flashlights

Admittedly, this last one does only one thing, but it does it with a very cool cyber/Bluetooth vibe and is very, very useful. I read constantly, especially when I travel, and most booklights I’ve tried out have the same problem: they cast light from the top of the page in a cone that doesn’t always illuminate the whole page in a manner comfortable for reading. The ideal light should come from above, like a reading lamp, which is what makes the LED Hands Free Light such a nifty gadget. Resting on the ear like a cellular earbud does, it casts a soft white light at eye level onto the page for optimum illumination. This light will also prove incredibly useful for any situation that requires both hands and a light — we’ve all been there. It’s an unusual item for a promotion, which is one reason it will be so memorable.

The usual disclaimer applies here: these products are available on our website as of this writing. If these particular items tug at your gadget lobe, give one of our Promotions Specialists a call to check availability, and remember that this is only a sampling of the cool promotional stuff we’ve got here at InkHead.

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