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Mobile Internet: the Next Frontier

When I got my Motorola Droid in June of last year, I was upgrading from a Blackberry Curve. Prior to playing with my brother’s Droid, I had convinced myself that I didn’t really need a phone like the Droid, but after toying around with one for just a few minutes, I was ready to make the switch.

Let me tell you, it was the best decision I have ever made.

Regardless of where you look, the news and conclusions are the same. The advent of smartphones like the iPhone and Android-powered cell phones means that the mobile Internet is the next great frontier in the tech world. With the growing adoption of QR codes, location-based social networks, and faster access speeds, it’s clear that mobile is a new and viable arena for businesses to connect with customers. As the graph below points out, more and more people are using their mobile phones to connect to the Internet. Bear in mind that this graph is showing data from 4 years ago about a third-party Internet browser. I’m sure more recent numbers are even higher.

Mobile Internet Growth

While this is all well and good, there are certain challenges that have yet to be overcome in the mobile environment, such as interoperability issues due to the different mobile phone platforms (such as Android, iPhone’s iOS, and Microsoft’s mobile version of Windows) and the lack of standardization among them. Additional problems include the small screen size and the limited system resources of most mobile phones. However, as mobile technology continues to evolve, so do the coding languages made to support it, enabling designers to build websites specifically for the mobile phone.

InkHead’s Mobile SiteInkHead's Mobile Website

We are pleased to announce that InkHead has released its own mobile website, which you can access through your mobile phones by going directly to; the site will automatically redirect you to the mobile site, which has been optimized for use on the latest generation of smart phones.

On Mobile, you can search and browse the InkHead catalog, so if you see an item at a trade show or conference such as a Custom Polo Shirt or Promotional Logo Golf Balls, you can quickly check to see whether your preferred promotional product provider carries them. In addition, ¬†you can also the knowledgeable InkHead sales staff to request a quote on the items you’re interested in buying. Finally, you can email yourself or others links to items to look at later.

While you can’t complete an order from start to finish through the InkHead mobile site, you can get the process of ordering your promotional apparel and advertising premiums started, saving yourself valuable time later down the road. Note also that you can still access the full version of the InkHead website from the new mobile site if you wish by clicking the “Go to Classic Site” link on the home page.

The Bottom Line

More and more people are using their mobile phones to surf the Internet, and a growing number of those people are shopping through their phones. This trend makes the mobile Internet an exciting and emerging space to connect with customers, which is why every business should consider investing the time and resources into building mobile versions of their websites. InkHead’s mobile website enables you to shop for promotional products like Custom Printed Lanyards or Imprinted Calculators regardless of where you are.

Follow InkHead at @inkheadpromos on Twitter! Be sure to follow our VP of Sales Jim Franklyn at @inkheadjim for even more insights into the promotional products industry!

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