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InkHead Promotional Products 10th Birthday

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It’s hard to believe–at least for us, anyways–but Team InkHead turns 10 this June 2013. And the celebration is on–which you’re going to love. We’re starting with promotional products discounts that will put more coin back in your pocket and more profits at your bottom line. Then, we’re putting some promo gear in your hands with a FREE official InkHead promotional product. How do we feel about turning 10? Read on to find out…


Thinking Back to When We Were Young and Foolish


Who doesn’t love to pull out old pictures and laugh–or cry–at how they looked back in the good old days? Well, we’re certainly no different. When we look at screen shots of our old site, when can’t help but wonder at the amazing progress we’ve made over the past decade. We thought you’d love to see what we looked like way back when–so we included some screen shots. But you have to promise not to laugh!


One thing we’ve learned after 10 years in the sun: You have to respect where you’ve been to appreciate where you are–and not just the successes, but the mistakes you’ve made, as well. That’s why we might cringe when we look at those old web site screen shots, but we smile, too, because that’s where it all started.


Masters of the Tech Universe–Promotional Prowess and Service Savvy


This anniversary has given us an opportunity to reflect on what makes us different. What does InkHead do better than any other promotional products company, and why do our loyal customers come back to us time and time again?


While our success formula is complex, there is one advantage that is crystal clear–using technology to empower you to build your brand. Our customers and clients always tell us how powerful and intuitive our web site is for them. The InkHead customer experience is unsurpassed, and that’s what keeps us on top.


The People Behind the Company Make the Difference


If we’ve learned anything about the explosion of social media and all of its forms, it’s that the true value of technology is getting back to the personal relationships we hold dear. Everyone at Team InkHead, from our dynamic art department to our personable account managers to our go-get-them sales team–and even a few of our executives–put their personalities and positive auras into everything they do.


Our customers and clients know that if they have challenges, need suggestions, or simply want to connect with a live person, we’re always there–right after our morning coffees. And, really, how can you blame us for that?


The Next 10 Years Starts Right Now…


Perhaps the best thing about celebrating a 10-year anniversary is looking forward to the next decade. We’ve never been a business that rests on its laurels and past successes–and we’re certainly not going to start doing that now.


We’re going to keep growing, keep revolutionizing this industry, keep looking for ways to save you time and money, and keep on helping you to build your brand. Because those are the things that have gotten us here–and we’re going to keep doing what we do best.

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