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Look at These 5 Great Independence Day Party Ideas

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Check out these 5 great Independence Day party ideas.

Summer is punctuated by three major holidays: Memorial Day welcomes in the warm weather and beach season, while Labor Day bids goodbye to many folks’ favorite time of year. And right in the middle of all the soaring temperatures, blue skies and lazy afternoons spent swimming is Independence Day. The Fourth of July is perhaps America’s most significant and widely celebrated holiday – but it’s also a great opportunity to spend time with friends, family or even co-workers. Whether you want to throw a July Fourth party that your neighbors will never forget or are organizing an office picnic for the special day, consider how these five Independence Day party ideas can guide you through stress-free and successfully.

5 Independence Day Party Ideas Sure to Get People Talking

  1. Pick a perfect spot: As the saying goes, the three things that matter most are location, location, location. While there’s nothing wrong with the classic backyard barbecue – in fact it can be the most warm and welcoming option – make a list of other spots you might want to try out. The beach is often a favorite, whether it’s on the ocean or a local lake. If you plan a beachside office party just don’t forget the custom beach towels, which are sure to make great gifts for star employees. And no matter where you hold your festivities, the July sun will make promotional sunscreen a must-have.
  2. Have bounteous food and drink – but don’t overextend yourself: No party is complete without plenty to eat and drink, but July Fourth tends to have a more American menu than most other holidays. Make sure there’s plenty of snacks, main courses, sides and drinks for everyone, but also plan your buffet ahead of time to reduce your work. Pick specific recipes that will suit large groups, and don’t be afraid to ask folks to bring desserts! You may also want to set up pitchers of fresh cocktail mixers and iced tea or lemonade. This way guests can mix their own drinks, whether it’s a margarita or Arnold Palmer.
  3. Introduce fun activities: What would a Fourth of July party be without games and activities to help guests break the ice and get to know one another? This is just as important for backyard neighborhood gatherings as it is at any office event – it helps keep groups from separating into smaller, exclusive groups. Charades, group board games, trivia, team-building activities or even some slow pitch softball or home run derby – provided you’ve got a field closeby – are all fun options!
  4. Make sure there’s a backup plan: Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that this July Fourth is going to be bright and sunny with clear skies ideal for fireworks. Just in case the mid-summer storm clouds roll in, make sure there’s a plan B – this may mean having a pavillion nearby or a home that can accommodate a crowd. And you’ll need to come up with some new entertainment options. The best may be an old fashioned classic: a set of good speakers and an iPod loaded with dance music.
  5. Have fun giveaways and goodies: Want to give your friends, family and neighbors a special gift that will help them remember this July Fourth for years to come? Personalized caps are a nice touch – especially if you have some team-based games planned. Office parties should also take advantage of the numerous patriotic promotional products out there, from flags to ribbons and sports balls.

What Independence Day party idea is your favorite?

Have you planned a big Independence Day gala in the past? Are you in charge of all office picnics at your job? Let us know your tips, especially for Fourth of July Parties.

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