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If There’s Anything You Need, We Won’t be Far Away


If There’s Anything You Need, We Won’t be Far Away

Valentine’s Day became a widespread holiday in America during the 1840s when the first Valentine cards were manufactured. Today 62% of Americans celebrate the holiday. In recent years it is estimated that Americans spend around $20 billion each year. While the amount of money is staggering so are these numbers: each year 1 billion cards are sent, 35 million boxes of chocolates and 220 million roses are sold. It is estimated that 6 million couples could get engaged on Valentine’s Day.

What does this mean for your company you may ask? Valentine’s Day is about more than love for a significant other it encompasses friendship, family, and community as well. Many companies could be missing an opportunity to show their clients gratitude and strengthen their working relationship.. InkHead has a wide range of promotional products for any budget to help your business grow:

Some of our Favorite Valentine’s Day Promotional Products:

  1. Chocolate Bars, Gift Boxes, & More!

    Godiva Chocolate Box

    Chocolate Breakaway Bar

    Eros Custom Chocolate Bar
  2. Lollipops, Jelly Beans, & Everything Sweet

    Rainbow Whirly Pop

    Mini Mint Tin

    Custom Conversation Hearts
  3. Flower Vases and Flower Planters

    Collapsible Clear Vase

    Glacier Vase

    Promo Planner

We have more to choose from here on our Valentine’s Day page. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

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