How to Show Your Employee Appreciation


How to show your employee appreciation

Paychecks are wonderful, but one downside is that paydays are easily forgettable. Do you know what motivates people to perform better on a day-to-day basis? Appreciation.


There are many ways you can show appreciation for your employees’ hard work. Most employers have some process in place to recognize staff on birthdays, hire-date anniversaries, and annual holidays, but these gift-giving occasions can also become routine, just like a payday. We’re not suggesting you do away with these more traditional types of recognition, but how about finding clever ways of using wholesale promotional products to convey gratitude to your staff?


What would it be like to surprise employees with other tokens of appreciation? Imagine if managers randomly awarded personalized prizes, such as a custom coffee mug, that recognized and encouraged employees for their team spirit or habit of always going above and beyond. These thoughtful acts of appreciation could bring a smile to your employees’ faces, and motivate them to keep working hard for a company that values them.


Every workplace is unique and loaded with attributes worth highlighting. Here are some award ideas for managers.


  • Best Phone Greeting
  • Most Creative Use of Leftovers for Lunch
  • Best Laugh
  • Most Coffee Consumed in a Single Day
  • Best Joke Told to a Customer
  • Best Desk Art
  • Healthiest Eater
  • Best Use of Breaks
  • Most Clever Workflow Hack
  • Most Efficient Energy Consumer
  • Best Attempt at Recycling Office Equipment
  • Best Excuse for Being Late to a Meeting



Remember that anybody who qualifies to receive these custom corporate awards and prizes should NOT know the categories exist. The point isn’t for people to prepare to win an award, but rather to be honored for doing their best work as their true selves.


Give it a try and let us know how this method changes the dynamics in your workplace.

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