How To Reuse Reusable Bags


How To Reuse A Reusable Bag

So you’re on board with the reusable shopping bags and those things just tend to multiply. Now you have so many that they are just a tad unmanageable. Here is how to get rid of a few in a creative manner.

  1. Tote Library Books

    Tote and store library books:

    Make it easy to keep track of all the library books you bring home. You can have an easy way to tote the books to and from the library. Keep the books organized in one place in your home by keeping them in the bag.

  2. Hold pool, beach or bath toys:

    Easily punch holes in the bottom of the bag for water to drain out of. When at the beach you can rinse the toys directly in the bag.

  3. Reusable Bag Planter

    Plant with it:

    Turn it into a planter, which can sit on a step or even hang from a hook. Bags would be cute filled with flowers, and are actually quite good as a vegetable container garden because they are deep.

  4. Gift wrap:

    Re-purpose your bags to give gifts to friends. It is nice to think of giving them something they can reuse and won’t go immediately into the trash.

  5. Car organizers:

    Always keep a few in your car to keep clutter picked up. Especially useful for children to carry all of their belonging back into the house. Keep a few in the cargo area or trunk of your car to keep belongings organized.

  6. Closet organizers:

    Organize the various things that inevitably end up shoved into your closet. Keep summer flip flops in a bag during the winter. Or winter gear in a bag during the summer.

  7. Reusable Bag Gift Wrap

    School bag for P.E. clothing:

    Either send the bag to school with your children to keep track of their P.E. clothing or you can donate extra bags to your local schools for their use.

  8. Laundry bag:

    Easily place a bag in each child’s room or on the back of a bathroom door. They are easy for children to carry to the laundry room.

  9. Organize your freezer chest:

    You can easily section off your deep freezer with these bags. Use them as separate compartments that can be pulled out when needed.

  10. Carry veggies from the garden:

    Always have some bags ready to carry in your fresh produce. Don’t even worry about the dirt, these bags are so easy to clean.

  11. Store craft items:

    If your craft room is anything like mine, it is out of control. These bags work great on a shelf to store all the odds and ends from your crafting.

  12. DIY Wallet Out Of A Bag

    Give to charity for their use:

    Charities are always in need. Your extra bags will be put to good use. When donating to a canned food drive you can always fill with the cans and also donate the bag.

  13. Quick room clean up:

    Quick you have 20 minutes before guests arrive. Grab a tote and quickly stuff all of your clutter into it. You can always go back and sort through and figure out what actually belongs in the room and put things in their place after your guests leave.

  14. Make a wallet:

    A quick $.25 wallet. You can make 4 of these out of 1 bag. Risa over at Restlessrisa has a great tutorial. Check it out here.

  15. Make an apron:

    This apron can do double duty in the kitchen and in the yard. All you need is a reusable shopping bag and about 10 minutes. Check out the tutorial from Restlessrisa here.

  16. Make a first aid kit:

    Another super easy project using a shopping bag. All you need is a shopping bag and a couple of zip lock bags. Check out Restlessrisa’s tutorial here.

  17. Make a pillow:

    Easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about them getting wet. Check out the tutorial here.

  18. Make a Reusable Lunch set:

    Update your daily brown bag lunch with this cute lunch set. Once again over at Restlessrisa amazing blog Here.

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