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10 Tips on How to Improve Customer Service

10 great tips for improving customer service

Here are 10 great tips on how to improve customer service.

No business can survive without a steady flow of customers. From local electricians to major multi-national corporations, you require customers looking for a product or service. And if they’re not happy, they’ll look somewhere else. This is why customer service is an essential part of any successful business model, and there are a variety of ways to build both reputation and loyalty among your clients, both through tokens of appreciation like promotional products and a helpful, supportive attitude. Consider some of these tips on how to improve customer service.

10 Can’t-Miss Tips to Improve Customer Service

  1. Be a proactive supplier: You’re offering something to customers, which is why they come to you in the first place. Demand dictates supply, but those requests may not come flooding in to you, specifically – especially when you have competitors offering your same services as well. Head out there and make s, find your niche customers and get to know them. Build a demand for your supply and watch it grow.
  2. Show your appreciation: Once you’ve netted a customer who’s happy with your product, don’t just let them disappear. Maintain and show your appreciation for the patronage he or she has shown you. One of the best ways to do this is a simple token item – inexpensive but memorable. Consider a promotional coffee mug – who doesn’t love a cup of joe in the morning? Or you could choose a nicer, high-tech gift, like a custom flashlight from a recognizable brand name.
  3. Perfect your communication: As in any relationship, big or small, communication is key to functioning well. This means that you are both forthright and honest with your customers, but also use your communication tools efficiently. For example, don’t just send a quick email when you could call, and keep in mind that the occasional in-person meeting is an important part of any professional relationship. This is especially true for local clientele.
  4. Hire superior staff: Big or small, in order to keep things running smoothly you’ll be working with a team of staff. Maybe it’s two family members, maybe it’s thousands of employees – either way, you want to make sure that these individuals represent your company with aplomb and friendliness. Training employees in client communications is especially helpful.
  5. Hit the trade show circuit: One of the best ways to stay involved in your industry, build a reputation and even draw in new clientele is to head to trade shows. Construct a press kit filled with essential information about your company and packed with promotional items to help build your brand.
  6. Invest in custom magnets: One of the best promotional items you can include either in a press kit or hand out to local businesses and clients are custom magnets. This is especially helpful for local service-based companies. If you own a restaurant, work as a plumber or just want to make sure folks can get in touch with you at a moment’s notice, a batch of custom magnets with your phone number is an ideal promotional choice.
  7. Send out surveys: Stay up to date with what your clients expect and what they like (or don’t like) about your services. Surveys are simple to make, easy to distribute via email and sure to bring in plenty of interesting information. Use this discreet method to find out how you can best hone your business model to fit what your clients need and expect.
  8. Build a fan base: Of course, providing superior services is one of the best ways to establish a significant fan base, but you can really bolster your success and continue to build hype with a little help from promotional products. Just think about how custom buttons, stylish personalized T-shirts and a variety of other items could spread the word about your services and supply.
  9. Be a part of the local community: Even if your services aren’t local, establishing yourself as a community-friendly business is key to your company’s longevity. You don’t have to go miles out of your way to build that goodwill either. Consider hosting a charity event (a great place to hand out promotional freebies) or supporting a local road race.
  10. Make new customers feel welcome: The key to being a better business will always be to bring in more customers – those who can help you improve your products and services through constructive advice and providing you reliable demand. Make new clients feel welcome and they’ll stick by your side.

Have any tips on how to improve customer service?

Have any other tips on  how to improve customer service and building loyalty among your clientele? Let us know!

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