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How to Build Your Brand in 5 Easy Steps


Here are some tips on building your brand.

Brand building is the key to any successful venture. It’s what pushes the entrepreneurial small-time business out the gate with a game-changing head start. Consider these five steps to help you get ahead and stay there.

5 Easy Steps on How to Build Your Brand

  1. Establish a brand: To build a brand you’ve got to come up with one first. Whether you’re a mom and pop coffee shop with dreams of expanding state-wide or a small group of tax professionals hoping to offer your services at several locations, you’ll need a name and a style to begin with. Finding the right tone is key in brand building, so consider a variety of names, fonts and color schemes. Once you’ve got a look that works, print it on some custom notepads and you’re good to go!
  2. Craft an experience: Take a quick glimpse at today’s most iconic brand names and it’s clear that they’re much more than just a name or a logo. Brands offer service alongside experience. Walking into an Apple store to buy a computer isn’t like going to any old big box retailer for a PC, after all. And who doesn’t immediately recognize the inside of a Ben and Jerry’s as opposed to the neighborhood ice cream shop? Your brand experience will evolve over time, but start off with a vision that’s dynamic, fun and sells your company as the place to be!
  3. Use every resource: As a company, you’ll have a variety of marketing strategies at your disposal. When you’re starting out, the first one you’ll want to utilize is simple word of mouth. Follow this up and augment it with promotional items that can spread far and wide, getting your name out there. Promotional pens are one way to do this. Leave a few in key locations, hand them out to customers, offer them to friends and family even! Pens have ways of traveling far, and they’re like pocket-sized billboards for your brand. More importantly, unlike a business card, they’re handy and useful, so folks are likely to keep them around, thus ensuring that your company is on their mind as well as in their pocket, suitcase or bag.
  4. Perfect your customer service: As a customer, think about your best experiences with a company. Perhaps it was that helpful call with the company technician who walked you through some product assembly, or that airline you flew cross country where the friendly hosts and hostesses made it feel like a brief hour in the air. Service is exactly what keeps customers coming back for more. You can even show your appreciation – especially if you’re a business to business company – by offering corporate gifts and other gestures of thanks.
  5. Be adventurous: It’s good to take risks, especially with marketing. But the old adage about measuring twice and cutting once should be followed as well. Marketing can be a big expense for your company, which is one of the reasons affordable and viral campaigns using promotional products can be so handy. But going forward with your brand building, always strive for clarity of purpose. Customers should know exactly what you’re offering – not just that your brand looks clever or trustworthy.

Do you know how to build your brand? Tell us!

Have some tips of your own? Let us know how you do brand building best!

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