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Learn How to Build a Press Kit!


Want to learn how to build a press kit? Keep reading for more infomation!

One of the best marketing techniques available to everyone from garage bands to major film producers is the press. This kind of attention can be twice as effective as traditional advertising, since it tends to be more subtle, and can potentially go viral. It’s one of the major reasons any creative group of individuals trying to get their project off the ground should develop a press kit. Whether you’re a young, energetic tech start up, heading a small film production company, fledgling video game designers ready to change the industry or even an established musical group, a press kit could be exactly what you need to launch you into the public eye. Keep reading to learn how to build a press kit.

What’s in a press kit?

A press kit is more than just personalized pens – though those should definitely be included. They’re attractively prepackaged sets of promotional materials handed out to media sources or business s. Each press kit is filled with items like custom magnets or free T-shirts, but they also contain vital information that’ll help the media cover your story or give potential collaborators a better idea of what you do. This might be a written statement, like a group resume, or a stylish postcard with background info on your group or biographies of you and your team. There will probably be a fact sheet, blurbs, photographs, logos, URL addresses, CDs, DVDs or any number of other items. Sometimes, all of it is stored neatly on a single flash drive printed with your group’s logo!

How do you use them best?

Handing out a press kit is much more than just offering journalists free promotional notepads, of course. As much as your promotional material will help keep you fresh in the minds of trade show attendees or media personnel, it’s also about how and where you use press kits.

For instance, you may want to debut a press kit at the very launch of your organization. While a short film production company won’t have any trailers under its belt yet, chances are that the individual members all have previous credits that they can use to build some steam and garner attention.

Likewise, when a smalltime video game developer releases their first online title or a band drops its first, second or third album, assembling a press kit is key for getting the word out about the product launch. Including samples from the product itself – whether a game demo or a few tracks off the album – is also a great idea. That custom band merch helps establish a group as confident, trendy and fun. All of which is sure to reflect well on the music itself.

Do you know how to build a press kit?

What’s the most creative press kit you’ve ever put together? Have any ideas for which promotional products work best in which industries? What other events would you hand out your kits at? Let us know!

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