How Can You Get Your Promotional Items into Customers’ Hands?


How Can You Get Your Promotional Items into Customer’s Hands?

OK, so you’ve decided to order a variety of custom promotional products to distribute so you can spread the word of your business around town. You’ve got promotional coffee mugs, custom pens, refrigerator magnets, stress balls and keychains ready to go, but now there’s one question left to answer – how do you get these items into potential customers’ hands? After all, you’re trying to reach new clients, so you can’t exactly expect them to just stroll into your building on their own and pick up a bottle opener.

So what are some of the best ways to promote your business through these free gifts? Consider the following tips to spread the good word.

Sidewalk display table

If your building is located on a busy street that sees plenty of pedestrian traffic you can encourage customers to walk in with a sidewalk display table. Consider setting up an area with a bowl of your free items along with a representative from your business to meet and greet with passersby to encourage them to check out your services. Don’t worry about leaving some of these promotional items unattended either – they’re free after all!

Sponsored event

Are there local activities like sports tournaments, town festivals and community gatherings that you can sponsor in your town? Making a financial contribution to these types of events is a great way to advertise your business as a committed member of the community. And while you’re there, feel free to start passing out free gifts to everyone who stops by your table. While you’re doing this, you can also take the opportunity to promote your organization firsthand and spread the news by word of mouth.

Hitting the street

Sometimes you just need to get out there and mingle with the people to effectively advertise. What does this mean? Hitting the street with signs, fliers and, of course, business promotional products to speak with as many people as possible. And since you’re not asking them for money, people are far more likely to be receptive to someone walking over to say hello and offer a free gift. You’ll be able to entice them with fun and useful items like custom water bottles, custom koozies and personalized sunglasses, which will also give you the chance to invite them to your business.

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