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Hotel advertising: Use promotional items to make guests feel welcome

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Count on InkHead for smart hotel promotion ideas and products.

Whether you own a locally renowned bed and breakfast or a fleet of top-tier hotels, you know what defines success in your industry: comfort and coziness. When you can win over guests and ensure they’ve had the best experience possible, their chances of coming back again are better than ever.

Guests’ comfort and special amenities should be the two keystones of your hotel marketing plan. As Daniel Craig, head of hotel marketing consultancy group Reknown, said in conversation with Reel Marketer, it’s all about reputation.

You’ll earn yourself a positive brand name by offering services like dry cleaning to customers, but you can also build on that through social media and internet tactics, whether these are Twitter, Facebook or search engine optimized blog posts. Craig even pointed out some tips for shooting a great hotel promotional video.

But sometimes small luxuries speak just as loudly. Take custom pens or bath soaps bearing your company name, for instance. These small promotional products can travel far and wide, spreading your brand and building that reputation through word of mouth. It’s a perfect complement to your online marketing strategy! Check out this promotional product breakdown for each hotel room, and even your front desk shop.

Hotel Advertising Ideas for Hotel Promotions Products

The bed
A mint on the pillow may be a cliché, but you’d be surprised how many hotels opt out of this little touch. It’s not innovative, perhaps, but pillow mints are sure to win you points with overnight guests. Keep in mind that the bedside table should also be stocked with a notepad and pen – both of which can be printed with your logo and hotel phone number.

The bathroom
Here’s where the custom goods really start to pop up. To start, you’ll want some quality towels bearing your hotel insignia. Having these hang on the back of the door is basically free hotel advertising – your guests will associate your name with soft, fluffy luxury.

Don’t forget the body soap or shampoo and conditioner, either. Place these in a pleasing arrangement on the bathroom counter with some hand towels and any dental amenities you want to offer, such as floss. If you wish, you can include promotional lotion bottles. And some tropical or beach side hotels may want to include sunscreen as well.

The amenities
Hotel amenities don’t begin or end in the bathroom of course. Alongside the mini bar, HDTV, coffee maker and other essentials, you’ll want to stock the room with a few extra amenities to make your guests’ stay as relaxing as possible.

Start with a set of at least two promotional coffee mugs. Include a few extra pens, some extra notepads, perhaps some quality letterhead paper and a few magnets for guests to take with them, so they’ll have your hotel information the next time they’re looking to travel.

The hotel shop
The majority of the promotional items you invest in for your hotel rooms are designed for your guests to take if they should feel like it. After all, those pens, shampoo bottles and notepads are all free hotel advertising on your end!

However, offering hotel souvenirs in your shop is also a great idea. Why not stock up on ball caps bearing your business’ insignia, some stylish custom T-shirts, travel journals and other great sale items. Maybe they’ll want to buy themselves a hotel coffee mug to preserve their memories, as well. And don’t forget logistical items your guests might need, like extra sunscreen, luggage tags or a variety of travel accessories.

Hotels are businesses, of course, but keep in mind that sometimes being a great host is how you get ahead in the corporate world. Turn up the charm at your establishment, do what you can for guests, and they’ll repay the favor by coming back year after year. A few promotional products don’t just offer your customers the convenience or luxury they need – these items spread the good word, building your brand one overnight guest at a time.

You can get your hotel marketing plan to take off with the help of promotional products. While your typical shampoos and custom pens are a good start, think outside the box when it comes to your guests’ comfort. Check out InkHead’s variety of hotel and resort items for inspiration.

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