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5-question holiday personality test: You are what you gift

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personality testing

Take InkHead’s holiday personality test to determine what your gift-giving habits say about you.

The type of gift you give over the holidays can determine what type of person you really are. Like it or not, your true self is revealed in details such as price paid for an item, the time schedule of the purchase–and, yes, even the gift itself.

The promotional experts at Team InkHead are fascinated with this phenomenon. So, we started doing a little research into personality types, personality tests and testing, and consumer culture during the holidays–and what we found was astonishing.

So astonishing, in fact, that we created this holiday personality test to help you to determine the type of person you really are based on your gifting practices. Keep in mind that these are generalities based on data from various sources–so don’t let the results of your personality testing get you too upset or too conceited.

However, if the shoe fits…

The InkHead holiday gifting personality test

Simply read through our product categories–chosen for their popularity from a population of possibilities. Consider how likely you would be to give a gift in that category. Then, give yourself a point base on the criteria under each product category.

1. Apparel (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, outerwear and underwear, etc.).

  • +2 Points: If your recipient lives somewhere cold, and your gift will most likely keep them warm (which might prevent them from losing limbs to frostbite or possibly dying from exposure)
  • +1 Point: If you’re a parent giving your children school clothes (because yes, you’re giving them nice clothes to wear to school…but, eh, you’re giving them clothes instead of something they really want)
  • 0 Points: If you’re gifting your significant other some attractive undergarments (which, in most cases,  is really just like giving a gift to yourself)
  • -1 Point: If you’re a sister giving your sister that to-die-for jacket that’s a size too big or too small (because you plan on wearing it yourself at some point in time)
  • -2 Points: If you’re the boss gifting your employees attractive undergarments with your business logo (because…well…that’s just a bit unprofessional…and a lot creepy)

2. Technology (think iPads, iPods, tablets, mobile phones, Kindles, etc.).

  • +2 Points: For gifting new or gently-used computer equipment to a school for student use (even in our digital age, you’d be amazed at how many schools have too few computers)
  • +1 Point: For parents who give their children personal headphones for an MP3 player or iPod (because their music is an all-out assault on your ears at all hours of the day and night)
  • 0 Points: You gift your nieces and nephews the budget point-and-shoot camera (yes, it’s a camera; yes, you saved money; but their mobile phones probably take better pictures)
  • -1 Point: You have, one more than one occasion, given outdated technology (unwrapping an Atari game system might send your kids into convulsions…of laughter)
  • -2 Points: Gifting your significant other any one of the newest weight-loss machines on the market (unless the gift has been discussed at length beforehand, the hint you send could be catastrophic)

3. Food/Drink (typically prepackaged popcorn, bottled water, gift baskets, mints, etc.).

  • +2 Points: Your employee holiday gift basket includes mixes for soups, sauces, and casseroles (busy professionals love anything that saves them time in preparation, transporting and storing)
  • +1 Point: You’re jumping on the bandwagon of energy drinks, sprays, and strips (they extra energy your employees enjoy might pay off for you in more work accomplished)
  • 0 Points: Your gifts are made out of chocolate or candy (yes, they’re delicious–but the recipient usually ends up paying for them in pounds accumulated or diabetes developed)
  • -1 Point: You give peanut-based foods without considering peanut allergies (in other words, your gift might be a ticket to the ER for an unsuspecting coworker)
  • -2 Points: You think they will appreciate a year’s supply of mints (ultra-sensitive people might infer that you’re commenting on their breath–and then the relationship just gets weird)

4. Writing Journals & Writing Instruments (notebooks, jotters, diaries, and writing instruments).

  • +2 Points: You give your daughter a beautiful diary, and good pen, and you never try to read what she writes (because parents that respect privacy boundaries totally rock!)
  • +1 Point: If good pens seem to sprout legs and run away from desks, you gift pens with lanyard attachments (yes, it’s as nerdy as it sounds–but it also makes sure everyone has a pen)
  •  0 Points: If you give red pens as teacher appreciation gifts, expect for them to haunt you every essay after (the good will you grow by giving a gift can turn abrasive, what with all of those sentence fragments you use)
  • -1 Point: You give a notebook without a pen, forcing them to go hunting a pen to complete the set (yes, before you can enjoy your gift, getting a notebook obligates you to find a pen first)
  • -2 Points: Employees at the end-of-the-year holiday office party, receive non-adhesive sticky notes (which is one of the worst faux pas as you can commit in the corporate world)

5. Travel & Personal Care (medical, health care, personal care, safety products, etc.)

  • +2 Points: You give a gift that helps keep children safe–because that’s responsible for accidents that can easily be avoided (think child ID kits, safety flashers, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • +1 Point: You give a gift that soothes stress–because everyone can do with a little less stress in their lives (think back scratchers, stress balls, exercise sets, etc.)
  • 0 Points: You give your significant other a collection of toiletries, like personal care packs and first aid kits (which, as practical as that may seem, is entirely unsexy)
  • -1 Point: Giving pedometers always has the potential to be taken entirely the wrong way by some people (same goes for jump ropes, weights of any kind, and digital scales)
  • -2 Points: You invest in a luggage set for the kids that doesn’t meet airline security standards for rapid check-in (and you spend hours–seriously, hours–at the gate going through their bags)

So, how did you do? It’s time to tally up those scores. To make it easy for you, we’ve broken down that scoring into 5 basic categories. Just add all of your earned points into a single total–and then compare them to the personality categories below.

6 to 10: You’re a gift-giving pro! Not only do you give gifts that are practical, but they also have that personal touch that makes your gift memorable.

1 to 5: You’re no Santa Claus, but you’re not bad, either! You’re making a solid effort to give gifts that improve the lives and tickle the fancies of your recipients.

-5 to 0: You could use some gifting instruction! Your heart is in the right place, but your head is missing in action–hit the Internet for gifting how-to videos and tutorials.

-10 to -6: Have someone else do your shopping for you! Your gifting ideas are so bad that, this year, you might consider doing them a favor and just sending a card with money in it.

If you did well, congratulations. If not, don’t beat yourself up over it too much. Why? Because InkHead can help you to become a better person by helping you to give just the right custom holiday gifts to the right people.

InkHead has a promotional product for every personality–from withdrawn to wild and everything in between! Our holiday promotional apparel and products are as unique as the people who receive them this holiday season.

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