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customer appreciation ideas

Get timeless customer appreciation ideas for your organization.

Giving your clients and customers an end-of-year gift holds a variety of unique benefits. So many, in fact, that the practice should very well become an integral part of your marketing budget and strategy. Why marketing? We’re glad you asked.

When you frame this process from the marketing perspective, you’ll realize just how powerful a promotional medium it can be. With your logo on meaningful lifestyle gifts–or the latest in unique productivity tools– you can extend your brand and create future sales opportunities.

Which Holiday Gifts Succeed at Making Relationship Opportunities

The first thing to realize is that you have the potential to do more than ‘thank’ or ‘appreciate’ Your customers for their continued business. The gift-giving ritual can be multilayered in approach, designed to show appreciation while keeping the brand in the forefront.

Here are some examples of our favorite holiday gifts that create relationship opportunities:

  • Technology products. High perceived value and are given prominent placement by their recipients
  • Office products. These are things that get used every day and offer high visibility
  • Fun products. These products add a fun personality to your brand that lingers in user’s minds

Again, it’s all about relationships. You want to give a gift that enriches the client or customer relationship with the company–and improves the potential for future interaction.

Why Custom Gifts Work Better Than Mass Market Products

A custom product has the benefit of being a gift for you as well as the recipient. You have the option of going to the nearest big box store and purchasing this year’s holiday widget for your clients.  But will they even remember that it came from you?

Here are a few of the more powerful benefits of custom holiday gifts for clients:

  • Customization makes it unique. Each gift has a sense of value beyond the price
  • Recipients are thrilled. Relationships are strengthened, in and out of the office
  • Impressions after the glow. Every use reminds them of you

These are benefits that a random, one-off product just can’t compete with–and that’s why InkHead customer and client holiday gift-givers are maximizing their investments.

How InkHead Considers and Delivers Our Customer Appreciation Gifts

Since custom products are what we do, there is a lot of pressure to deliver when it’s time for us to say thank you to our clients. A look at the strategy and execution of our customer gift campaign might give some insights you can use on your next campaign. We’re very deliberate in our methods–but it represents a lot of emotion.

Here are some of our considerations as we purchase custom client appreciation gifts for the holidays:

  • Create the budget. Based on previous years plus current year’s successes
  • Select the products. Tailored to our industry and our customer’s needs
  • Segment the list. Create tiers of products so that extra special clients get an extra special gift
  • Manage the details. Shipping costs and ease of packaging, just to name a couple
  • Outsource where appropriate. A fulfillment center adds a personal letter and drop ships to client
InkHead is your source for dynamic holiday gifts to thank customers and clients. Our selection of products–decorated with your high-quality artwork–gives your brand maximum reach and optimizes customer retention.

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