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“What’s a Promotional Product?”

Often, after I’ve told people that work in the Promotional Products industry, they will answer with a slow nod and a vacant expression, suggesting to me that they didn’t quite understand what I meant. Invariably, I will then find a personalized pen or point out someone who is wearing a promotional t-shirt and explain that the companies advertising via these products used a company similar to InkHead Promotional Products. Seeing a representative example thus helps them understand what it is I do.

Cedar Rapids RollergirlsPlastic Stadium Cups

Speaking of examples of InkHead’s work, I thought it may be worthwhile to show you faithful readers some of the products we’ve done in the past. We recently had some Custom Plastic Stadium Cups made for the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls. While I am not quite sure how the ladies intend to use them, these cups would make great souvenir cups at their events. They would also serve as a exciting free giveaway to fans arriving early or bringing multiple attendees with them. I’ve actually been using the sample I received as a Custom Pen Cup.

Minute MasterpiecePromotional Aprons

Recently, Margaret Poplin, manager of InkHead’s talented art department, was featured in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for her side business, Minute Masterpiece. In order to promote her business, Margaret used InkHead to order someĀ Personalized Aprons to protect her students’ street-clothes while they paint, as well as some collapsible bowls to serve as water buckets during classes.

The Bottom Line

With a catalog of over 15,000 Promotional Items, InkHead probably has the perfect product to connect you with more of your customers. The two examples above are just a few different ways you could use one of our products to boost your business, increase brand awareness, or spread the word about your company.

If you or your organization has used InkHead for promotional items and want to be featured on our blog, us!

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