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Help your employees keep time with these custom clocks, watches or stopwatches


Help your employees keep time with these custom clocks, watches or stopwatches

Time, the philosophers and physicists will tell us, is a human construct. Know what else is a human construct? Money. Know what businesses can’t afford to lose? Time or money. It’s an unfortunate reality that punctuality is of the utmost importance. Whether it’s for a casual office meeting, business closing, charity event or picking the kids up from school after work. Staying on your game requires knowing what time it is and measuring that time out carefully.


Naturally, when it comes to your employees you don’t want to lord a clock over them – those sort of draconian measures won’t help morale. But one thing you can do to spread a little office pride while also reminding them of the importance of the almighty hour is make a gift of a stylish clock or watch. If you want, you can even give your clients the gift of a stopwatch, which may not come in handy at the office but is sure to get use at the gym or track! Consider these top-tier sellers in time-telling promotional products.

Popular Promotional Timepieces

Solstice clock
Want to make a huge impression on a select few employees who make a big difference at your company? Custom clocks like the Solstice Clock is crafted from exquisite rosewood and features gold detailing that’s sure to beautifully catch the light. Precision laser etching will assure that your personalized touch will make the clock a valued gift – the sort your high level employee will be proud to display on his or her desk for years to come.

Sports watch
Maybe you’re looking for something you can spread more widely throughout the company to let more of your workers know how much you appreciate their efforts. Even better, why not give them a timepiece that’s as mobile as they are in their day-to-day lives? A promotional watch like the Unisex Canvas Sport Watch comes in a variety of colors and can be silk-screened with your company logo to help build up team pride.

Want something even sportier for those active folks at the office? A personalized stopwatch such as the Carabiner Clip-on Stopwatch with Compass is sure to come in handy on long runs or bike rides. Of course, a stopwatch is made to measure time down to hundredths of a second – but what about keep track of long-term engagements? That’s where a whole host of custom calendars come in!

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