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Help decorate and customize your employees cubicles and clients’ offices – Part 1

Decorate your employees' and clients' workspaces with your brand!

Decorate your employees’ and clients’ workspaces with your brand!

It’s no secret that a cubicle can be a somewhat bland place to work day in and day out. Even the bigwigs at some of your client companies may have pretty vanilla stylings around their larger offices. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to spread your company’s brand name while also offering a great gift to the hard workers in your office and/or the client’s who have treated you loyally over the years, a little trendy office decor could be just the thing. Not only are these items gorgeous and of fine quality, they’re promotional products sure to spread the word about your company and all it has to offer. Consider these fantastic promotional office productsin this first of a two part series!

3 Items to Help Clients and Employees Decorate Their Workspace

Custom calendars for 2013 and beyond
What could be more important to an office environment (other than the internet, nowadays) than a calendar? While most of us are equipped with plenty of alarms and notifications on our smartphones, being able to glance up at a physical wall or desk calendar with all of your appointments scheduled out for the coming weeks is essential and not something even the brightest of smartphones can offer. Gift your client this promotional custom office calendar to help keep them timely and up-to-date.

Promotional paperweights
Glass, chrome, magnifying or even equipped with a memo clip, custom paperweights come in a great variety of styles and designs. Go with a cute penguin-themed style or something stylish and classy, like a simple round paperweight emblazoned with your company logo. Not only are these incredibly useful promotional items, they’re simple and elegant. Sure to fit in with even the most stringent of modern or traditional office decor, these paperweights have unmatched versatility.

Custom weather stations
As low-tech and basic as a paperweight is, a custom weather station is sure to be a stylish and handy electronic feature for your client or employee’s office space. While a variety of models with different features and designs are available, all come equipped with great features like active monitoring of indoor and outdoor temperatures (in Fahrenheit or Celsius) as well as outdoor humidity and the chance of precipitation. Silk screened with your company’s logo, deliver one of these to your client or employee in a stylish gift box that’s sure to draw attention.

Like this trio of fun and elegant custom office decor ideas? Check out part two of this series for even more great ideas.

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