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7 Halloween Gifts Sure to Scare Up Sales

halloween gifts

Here are 7 Halloween gifts guaranteed to scare up sales!

Halloween will be here before we know it. If your business or organization deals with children or parents, consider one of the following Halloween gift items for your Halloween or fall festival celebration.

7 Customized Halloween Gift Ideas

  1. halloween gift Halloween Treat Bags: One of the most popular Halloween gifts, the Halloween goody bag can be used to hold all the saccharine loot children score from your employees and their neighbors. We have multiple options available, but pictured here is the very popular Haunted House Orange Die Cut Bag. Add a spooky message or your logo and expand your brand on Halloween night!
  2. halloween gift Custom Stress Balls: While Halloween is not traditionally associated with stress, the fact is that Halloween has become the de facto precursor to what is the most stressful time of year: the year-end holidays. Help your employees or clients prepare for November and December with a small gift for Halloween, such as the Pumpkin Smile Stress Ball, shown here.
  3. gift for halloweenLED Safety Lights: An item that has grown in popularity over the past few years is the LED safety light, which parents can clip to their children’s costumes to help illuminate the trick-or-treaters as they traverse dark neighborhood streets. If your school or youth-oriented business is planning a fall festival celebration, the Flashing Safety Light will make a great Halloween giveaway to students.
  4. gift for halloweenHalloween Balloons: If you are planning a large neighboorhood fall festival or Halloween party, orange and black balloons with your logo or personalized message will help attendees get into the spirit of the occasion! InkHead carries both latex and mylar balloons, so you are bound to find a balloon that fits your budget. What’s more, balloons make inexpensive gifts for any time of the year—not just Halloween.
  5. halloween giftsLogo Candy: If you’re planning a sales push for November and December, an item sent in October may make customers more receptive to your pitch. Why not combine the marketing tactic with the October holiday and send a bag of black and orange chocolates with a message from your company? Customers will love the yummy treats and better remember your company the next time you call.
  6. halloween giftsHalloween Pencils: Let’s face it. Kids’ diets these days are so bad that the last thing many of them need is an excuse to eat more sweets. Fight the obesity epidemic with an alternative Halloween present like a pencil or some other small useable item. Some kids may balk at the giveaway, but most parents will thank you!
  7. halloween giftHalloween Chocolate: While pencils make great alternative gifts for Halloween, the fact remains that most people expect to receive sweets for Halloween. Exceed their expectations with the Large Apothecary Jar Filled with Chocolate Littles, which is guaranteed to be a big hit around every office.

The Bottom Line

Now is the time to start thinking of Halloween gift ideas for your favorite clients, employees, and their children. The above items are just a handful of the various products you could give away during Halloween celebrations at your office or elsewhere!

The Halloween gift items featured in this post are subject to availability. Please call us at 800-554-0127 any time between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to confirm stock.

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