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Bid Bon Voyage to the Space Shuttle!


Bid Bon Voyage to the Space Shuttle!

Today marks the end of an era. At roughly 11:30 AM ET this morning, the Space Shuttle Atlantis embarked on its final journey to the International Space Station. While popular interest in space exploration has dropped off precipitously over the last 20 years, the shuttle program still stokes a feeling of pride in most Americans.

To wit, interest in the program has seen resurgence after it was announced that this year’s series of missions would be its last. Today’s launch was no different. My Facebook feed and the blogs I read regularly were buzzing with news of the launch. Some of my friends even made the trip down to Cape Canaveral, FL to watch the launch. In fact, more than a million people made the trip to watch the final launch.

I actually have family that lives on the “Space Coast” of Florida, and so shuttle launches were always a pretty big deal. I even had the opportunity to watch one of the shuttle launches 10-15 years ago, and what struck my pre-adolescent mind most about the whole event was the disparity between sight and sound. Because we were watching the shuttle launch from a beachhead across the cape, we saw the shuttle launch seconds before the immense wave of sound had a chance to get to us. I didn’t really think much of the event then, but in retrospect, I feel lucky to have been able to watch at least one launch first-hand.

High-Flying Promotional Products

In honor of the astronauts and the shuttle program itself, let’s take a look at some of our promotional products that have a bit of a space theme to them in some way or another, much as we did when Steve Carrell departed the Office. Use these products to celebrate the space program or perhaps create your own cosmic promotion!

Earth & Space Stress BallsSpace Shuttle Stress Ball

Let’s face it. Stress is global. Whether you are fighting austerity measures in Greece, railing against regime changes in the Middle East, or struggling to make ends meet here in USA, these are tough times for many of us. Help your customers cope with the pressure with a customized stress reliever! Make sure to check item #2608, the Space Shuttle Stress Reliever, which is sure to become a collector’s item in the months to come.

Corporate AwardsCustom Corporate Awards

Celebrate the efforts of your global sales team with one of our custom corporate awards, such as the Firmada Globe Award, pictured right. The Firmada Globe is made from hand-cut optical crystal and would look handsome on someone’s desk or floating around in his or her anti-gravity chamber!

Flying DiscsCustom Frisbees

Look! Up in the sky! Is that a flying saucer? No, it’s a custom flying disc from InkHead! Add a dash of cosmic fun to your next event or marketing campaign with one of InkHead’s many flying discs, such as the 9″ Nite Glow Value Flyer, shown right.

The Bottom Line

The era of the space shuttle is over with today’s launch of Atlantis. While we are not sure what will follow, one thing remains certain: NASA and the space shuttle program have brought great pride to America and the world as a whole by leading the way in space exploration. Why not celebrate the efforts of these brave men and women by incorporating a space exploration theme into your next promotional campaign or awareness event?

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