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Looking for fantastic golf gift ideas for your business?

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Ten fantastic golf gifts and giveaways for businesses

Here are 10 fantastic golf gifts ideas for businesses.

Why Should You Look for Golf Gift Ideas?

From the very beginning of its history, golf has been something of a distraction. Golf historians date the first written record of the game to 1457, according to, when the Scottish parliament banned the game, since it was distracting the military from its preparations to defend the nation against English invasion. About half a century later, the Treaty of Glasgow was signed, the ban lifted and even the English king himself decided to enjoy a few rounds.

Since the 16th century, golf has continued to be a favorite hobby of kings and laymen alike. And while most enthusiasts can attest to its distracting qualities, the fact of the matter is that a sizeable number of business deals are secured on the golf course. Even the president occasionally prefers to talk out party differences with congressional leaders out on the links in Washington, D.C.

It’s understandable then that some of the best promotional products available are golf accessories. From sportswear to bags and those dimpled balls themselves, you’ll find a number of great golfing gear at Inkhead, sure to make the ideal corporate gift or even giveaway at the next trade show, conference or event you happen to attend. Consider these top ten.

10 Golf Gift Ideas to Drive Business

  1. Golf balls: There’d be no game if it weren’t for these! The modern golf ball is, in many ways, a marvel of engineering. Not a bad little product to have bearing your corporate logo then, right? A sleeve or two of custom golf balls make for a great corporate gift any time of year.
  2. Umbrellas: Real golfers aren’t put off by a little drizzle – but that doesn’t mean they want to stand amid a downpour. Umbrellas are a must, even in sunny Florida or Southern California. Why not make sure your golfing employees stay dry in style with promotional umbrellas?
  3. Golf shirts: Have a golfing event coming up soon that a number of your workers will be attending? Build some team spirit with a set of handsome custom golf shirts from brands you trust, like Adidas.
  4. Golf balls: Ordered in bulk, personalized golf tags make for a great giveaway at your next event.
  5. Golf tees: Just one more must-have for the course that benefits from a makeover with your company name and colors. Promotional golf tees are a cheap and easy way to spread your brand.
  6. Golf bags: Keep your clients clubs safe and looking good with personalized golf bags. You won’t find a more welcome seasonal gift.
  7. Golf pencils: In the world of corporate sporting events, custom golf pencils are the promotional pen. They spread far, wide and quickly, helping your company garner attention and interest.
  8. Golf gifts and accessories: Much of golf is about courtesy and decorum, so don’t forget that the green deserves plenty of kind treatment (even when it’s giving you a tough time). Promotional golf gits are a great complement to other small golfing accessories.
  9. Golf towels: Great on the course, promotional golf towels can be useful around the home as well, making them an ideal company giveaway item!
  10. Golf clubs: As any pro or amateur can tell you, the right clubs are essential to improving your game. Likewise, investing in the right promotional golf clubs as a corporate gift could be essential to spreading your brand.

What Golf Gift Ideas Do You Have?

This spring and summer make sure you celebrate your right (since 1502’s Treaty of Glasgow at least) to hit the links and have a blast. Tell us about your best business deal done on the golf course!

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