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4 Must-Have Promotional Games


From the InkHead Promotional Products Leisure Studies Department:

Recent studies of worker productivity in the US and UK have yielded surprising results about the conventional wisdom of keeping employees’ noses to the grindstone. To put it succinctly, when done in moderation—say, 10 minutes at a time tops—allowing employees to take breaks to check in with social networks, play online games, and other purely leisurely activities throughout the day actually increases productivity, to the tune of millions of dollars annually.

Moreover, this has proven to be true across the board whether the employees in question are engaged in repetitive tasks or more fluid, creative tasks. Shifting gears from work-mode to play-mode keeps both sides of the brain engaged, prolonging focus, honing the competitive edge,  and prompting creative problem-solving.  And while allowing your employees to play at work may result in some abusing the honor system, the trade-off in increased productivity and worker morale overall has been shown to be considerable.

Of course while the concept of taking a break to check how many people clicked “like” on your video of that dog who sings the “Batman” theme may be new, the concept of games in the workplace certainly isn’t. For many of us games are an intrinsic component of training and team-building, and even in adulthood the benefit of games to our crucial neural pathways is well-established.

Simply put, playing games is part of who we are, which is why Promotional Games make a powerful tool for marketing a business or brand.

Whether as corporate gifts, office party favors, or as unique sales-call leave-behinds, InkHead’s selection of customized creative games and toys will make an impact and generate many impressions.

Promotional Games for the Office

Here are a few we especially like, and one that even we are scratching our heads about…

Promotional Chess Set

Viggiatore Chess Set

Since its origins in ancient Persia, chess remains the undisputed king of strategy games. Hundreds of years, millions of players (including computers), and literally billions of combinations later, we are still finding new ways to play chess. You can get chess sets of all kinds anywhere, and portable magnetic chess sets are available at the corner drugstore, but as a gift for clients we really like the Viaggiatore Chess Set. Like most portable sets, the board folds to make a box for the magnetic pieces, but the differences here are the attractive shaped pieces and the very stylish hammered-metal board. This is a portable set your clients can actually display, with your logo tastefully imprinted in the corner square.

Matrices Dice Set

Matrices Dice Set

Not that we condone shooting craps in the office (unless that’s your job), but as promotional items go the Matrices Dice Set is one of the simplest yet most powerful calling cards we’ve ever seen. Four gleaming metal six-sided dice nestle in a foam insert inside a brushed-metal box bearing your logo in bold relief on the lid. Not only will you make a definite impression on potential and returning clients, you’ll make it possible for them to play some seriously cool backgammon. June 2011 Update: This item has been discontinued. Please  us for help finding a suitable alternative.

Mini Foosball Set

Esportes Foosball Set

Perhaps it’s not as cerebral as chess, but the Esportes Foosball Set is designed to stimulate another vital attribute for optimal business acumen: hand-eye coordination. By exercising and improving this essential component of the end-user’s skill set, this set with facilitate your clients’ ability to… play awesome foosball. Seriously, it’s desktop foosball, guaranteed to go over big with customers and inspire brand loyalty along with the fun. Your logo goes on one end of the playing box. And this item is priced surprising low, making your ROI irresistible. June 2011 Update: This item has been discontinued. Please  us for help finding a suitable alternative.

Fortune Teller Game

Fortune Teller Game

We’re not quite sure what to say about this one. Remember elementary school, when someone would fold a piece of paper marked “yes” and “no” to fit over four fingers and then you’d ask it a question? If you recall those days fondly and wish you could give your clients such a reliable oracle on which to base their adult decisions, then we present the Fortune Teller Game. Just like the old standby, only here the paper is replaced with a piece of folded vinyl and it fits on a brushed-metal base with your logo engraved on all four sides. Imprinting is also available on the vinyl oracle itself.

The Bottom Line

As with any of these featured products, give InkHead’s Promotional Specialists a call at 800-554-0127 any time between 9 AM and 8 PM to ensure availability, and be sure to check out all the Custom Personalized Promotional Games on our site. After all, just because it’s business doesn’t mean it has to be serious, and providing your clients with a bit of fun could net you great returns.

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