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The Top 50 Best College T-Shirt and Koozie Sayings for 2013

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t-shirt and koozie sayings

InkHead presents funny koozie and t-shirt sayings

Check out our top t-shirt and koozie sayings for college students. These witty, wild t-shirt designs will make them laugh and make a statement. Plus, get a huge laugh every time someone takes a sip.

What makes a great t-shirt? You know, those unforgettable designs that everyone wants when they see them? College is the perfect time to break out those sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek quotes and phrases that get a second or third glance when you walk around campus. Advertise your political beliefs, let them know how you feel about controversial topics, or just make them smile.

On a different note, nothing goes with a nice cold one better than a funny koozie saying. Drinking is not just a state of mind–InkHead’s best college koozie sayings have turned it into a legitimate art form. We print laser-perfect artwork and hilarious sayings on quality, durable koozie products at absolutely basement-bottom prices.

Here are some of our favorite college t-shirt and koozie sayings:

  1. Everyone is entitled to my opinion
  2. Shhh…this is my hangover t-shirt
  3. Cleverly disguised as an adult
  4. DEA: Drunk Every Afternoon
  5. I’d rather be sleeping
  6. Powered by donuts
  7. Bad to the cartilage
  8. I’m just living the dream
  9. Sex is the new abstinence
  10. I’m ugly on the inside, too
  11. Drinks well with others
  12. I’d flex but I like this shirt
  13. We’re going to need a bigger boat
  14. Bitches love me
  15. I reject your reality and substitute my own
  16. Orgasm donor
  17. Architects do it with models
  18. This girl needs a beer
  19. Lost in thought: Please send search party
  20. I love gluten
  21. May I tie you up and play with you awhile?
  22. On break
  23. Got whiskey?
  24. Freak out and run around
  25. I may not be perfect, but parts of me are pretty awesome
  26. Beer: It’s what’s for dinner
  27. Why limit happy to an hour?
  28. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses his beer
  29. Beer: Helping homely people get laid since 2050 BC
  30. 24 in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?
  31. Hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend
  32. I killed a six pack just to watch it die
  33. I swear to drunk I’m not God!
  34. You’re only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime!
  35. The older we get, the better we were!
  36. Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional!
  37. Too young to be this old!
  38. My family is like fudge…mostly sweet with a few nuts.
  39. I don’t get drunk–I get awesome!
  40. You need a cold one.
  41. Life begins when the season starts
  42. Beer me!
  43. I used to have a drinking problem…now I love the stuff!
  44. Beer is the reason I get out of bed every afternoon.
  45. Don’t worry, beer happy!
  46. In dog beers, I’ve only had one.
  47. Drink, Don’t Drive. Beer is cheaper than gas.
  48. Finish your beer. There are sober people in China.
  49. They call me…the beer whisperer
  50. Daddy’s sippy cup

Give us your own funny t-shirt and koozie sayings to add to our list

Have your own saying in mind? Team InkHead can put your ideas on quality t-shirts or durable koozies for you to hand out at the next mixer or house party! Hit us up on chat, send us an email, or give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

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