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27 hilariously funny coffee mugs that you’ll love

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funny coffee mugs

Make your brand memorable with funny coffee mugs.

It can be nearly impossible to get a half-decent smile from your employees at the start of the Monday morning workday. But, never fear–Team InkHead has a promotional product idea that can have your folks howling with laughter every time they go for a cup of Joe. Just order a batch of our personalized coffee mugs imprinted with the following list of hilarious sayings.

Then, use them in a variety of unique ways or fill them with your favorite coffee drink recipes.

27 of our favorite coffee mug quotes

  1. Got Coffee?
  2. Coffee is for closers!
  3. I drink coffee for your protection!
  4. I gave him the skinniest years of my life!
  5. It’s all about ME.
  6. This mug has my germs on it!
  7. Let me drop everything and work on your problem!
  8. Sarcasm. Just one service I offer.
  9. Deadlines amuse me.
  10. The Boss
  11. Boss Lady
  12. You’re fired!
  13. Drama Queen!
  14. LMAO: Laughing My Arse Off
  15. LOL: Laughing Out Loud
  16. OMG: Oh, My God!
  17. TMI: Too Much Information
  18. I got this mug for my husband–good swap, hey?
  19. I hate morning people!
  20. No Coffee, No Workee!
  21. STRESS: The confusion created when one’s mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the life out of someone who desperately deserves it.
  22. CAUTION: Next Mood Swing in 5 Minutes
  23. Hands off my mug!
  24. Talk Nerdy to Me!
  25. I had fun once. It was awful!
  26. I’m going to stand outside. If anyone asks, I’m outstanding!

Not only will these make them laugh, but it will give your brand real staying power in the minds of clients and customers.

Make us your headquarters for funny coffee mugs! Team InkHead has the widest selection of funny coffee mug sayings that will make your brand truly memorable. From totally cutesy to deliciously risqué, we can create personalized coffee mugs to communicate precisely what’s on your mind.

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