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Fundraising Ideas 101: Everything you need to plan and launch a record-breaking promotion


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No matter what the focus of your fund-raising ideas might be–from drawing awareness to a worthy cause to earning money for your business’ or organizations’ operations–planning is everything. Devise and launch a finely-tuned campaign and you’ll find that participants are much more likely to become donors


The Planning Phase: Covering All Your Bases

There’s no such thing as too much planning when it comes to turning fundraising ideas into a memorable event. If you break your tasks up into the following three primary categories, you’re already ahead of the game.

  • Identify. Specific type of event; target audience and attendance goal; target revenue goal; event date and time, venue, and timeline
  • Create. A detailed budget that includes project revenues and expenses; a planning committee with specific responsibilities and duties; publicity pieces such as programs, flyers, Internet ads, and email information
  • Promote. Find a unique promotional fundraising product that delivers brand recognition and campaign awareness via a striking logo coupled with a bold message
  • Organize. A pre-event meeting for fundraising ideas and event strategies; event volunteers with specific responsibilities and duties; specify final event sequence


The Execution Phase: Expect a Hitch-Free Fundraising Event

So, you’ve completed the strategy phase and you’re ready for action. There are several objectives you can attend to to ensure that your fundraising event goes off without a hitch. Of course, perfection is difficult to obtain, but managing these in-event duties will go a long way in perfecting the event.

  • Alert the Authorities. Alert public safety personnel of the event–such as the Chamber of Commerce, police and health professionals
  • In-Event Communication. Give several event executives a radio for constant communication before, during, and after the fundraiser
  • Anticipate Challenges. If your event is outdoors, make sure to have refreshments available–including protection from the sun


The Follow-up Phase: Tracking Data and Planning Future Fundraising Ideas

Once your fundraiser is over, that’s when the real work begins–as well as the real payoff. One of the true benefits of holding a fundraiser is to gather a list of donors that are pre-sold on your organization’s fundraising ideas going forward. Here are some data categories that you should cull and act on post-event that will make the next go-round even easier.

  • Keep Quality Records. This includes a list of attendees and donations, special guests, and any other demographic that will assist you in the post-event follow-up
  • Say Thank You! Make sure that each attendee and donor receives a personal message of thanks from your organization, either electronically or old-school hand-printed thank-you notes
  • Organize Your Data. Create spreadsheets that outline donors and their donations, potential participants for next year’s event, etc.


This three-phase approach to managing your fund-raising ideas will keep you one step ahead of the game and ensure that the momentum you gain and s you make will translate into event support going forward.

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