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5 Fundraising Event Ideas Sure to Make Yours a Success

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5 fundraising event ideas sure to make yours a success

Nonprofits usually need to be pretty clever about how they find their money. The name says it all: there certainly aren’t storehouses of income bankrolling the group. One of the most effective ways for these companies, small or large, to make money is through fundraising events. Done right, fundraisers bring in a lot of new cash while costing very little to put together. Plus, they help build awareness of the cause! The right event will bring old donors out in droves but also attract new attention as well. If you want a little help with your next one, consider these five fundraising event ideas.

5 Ideas to Make Your Fundraising Event Awesome

  1. Get local businesses involved: Whether you’re hosting your fundraising event in the middle of a major metropolitan city or a small suburban community, there’s no reason not to involve local businesses. Coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants – they’ll get free press for their involvement and you’ll draw a larger crowd than ever. You can even offer to make up official promotional tote bags for the event and include their company names and logos on the back, so their involvement will stretch long beyond the event itself.
  2. Invite local artisans: Any community is likely to have a number of local artists – from painters to ceramists to weavers. Craft fairs are always a huge draw, especially around holiday seasons when people are looking for unique or handmade gifts for their loved ones. Just like the local businesses, getting the artisan community involved will draw more guests to your event while offering the designers and artists the opportunity to build their own brand.
  3. Hold a raffle: This is practically a given at all fundraisers nowadays, but raffles are both fun and an excellent way to raise a lot of money quickly. Find a major prize or two to giveaway to the raffle winner, but make sure there are plenty of other gifts you can give away! Invest in a number of nonprofit promotional products and you’ll be sure to have plenty of items to hand out all night. Plus, these giveaways ensure you’ll remain in the public consciousness long after the fundraiser is over. Each and every one of those custom keychains helps your group build your reputation.
  4. Invite a local celebrity: Unless you’re located in Hollywood, there might not be a whole lot of local celebrities to choose from. But the word “celebrity” is certainly relative. Figure out what your targeted demographic is, and find a celebrity that matches that. Many fundraisers might find that a local public radio personality or respected sports figure is ideal for their cause. And supporting a nonprofit group is definitely good for that individual’s own brand-building.
  5. Cook off: If there’s one thing that makes any public event better, it’s food. Why not up the ante on that by turning your fundraising event into a cook off? Ask local restaurants or amateur cooks to try their hand at competitive cooking for the day. Pick one dish or choose a few tiers of food, so you’ve got a tournament atmosphere. Let donors be the judges and offer the winning chef a prize!

Do you have any good ideas for fundraising events?

What fundraising ideas have you utilized over the years? What raffle items bring in the most donors?

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