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The Secret of Full-Wrap Imprints REVEALED!


Did you know that you are not limited to basic location imprints when decorating Custom Coffee Mugs, Personalized Sport Bottles, and other types of Promotional Drinkware?

Such cylindrical promotional products can also take full-wrap imprints, which go around the entire item. This is different from location imprints, which are imprinted in a specific location on the drinkware.

Take a look at the virtual proofs below. You’ll notice that the full-wrap imprint offers a larger area for your imprint, making the decoration method ideal for situations where you want to include a detailed message, a bigger graphic, or you want your custom product to really want to stand out among the competition.

1-Sided Imprint

Single-Location Imprint. Click to Enlarge.

Full-Wrap Imprint

Full-Wrap Imprint. Click to enlarge.

All pricing listed on ┬áInkHead is for a single-location imprint unless otherwise noted, so if you’re interested in a full-wrap imprint, note this during the ordering process or to the promotions expert handling your order. Not every item can take a full-wrap imprint, but your account manager will inform you if the item you select cannot take one. Finally, full-wrap imprints generally cost a bit more than single-location imprints, but we will work with our decorating partners to offer you the best price possible.

For more information on the differences between location and full-wrap imprints, please review our FAQ on the subject.

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