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Four tips for germ prevention at the workplace

Four tips for germ prevention at the workplace

Four tips for germ prevention at the workplace

We all know what germs are – even kids are familiar with these tiny pathogen-spreading microorganisms – but that doesn’t make them any easier to escape from. Studies are always popping up in medical journals, on the internet and in newspapers claiming that this or that fixture or appliance (toilet seat, doorknobs, smartphone screens, light switches…) is the new “germ farm.”

So, whatever the venue, how do we avoid mixing and mingling with these microscopic guests at the world’s worst cocktail party? Especially when we spend so much of our days around employees at the workplace – some of whom are undoubtedly infected with the common cold (or worse). With winter weather and flu season upon us, it might seem as though the cards are stacked against you. But never fear! Rather than descend into full-blown germophobia, consider these four tips for warding off the worst of the malignant microorganisms, especially at work!

4 Tips to Promote Germ Prevention at Work

1. Give your employees the gift of sanitation
Whether you’re just on time or a few weeks too late for Christmas and the holiday season, there’s no reason why you can’t give your employees a little gift. While not as exciting as the holiday bonus, they’re sure to be super thankful for custom hand sanitizer. And since it features your corporate logo on the front, you won’t mind them carrying a bottle around and spreading brand recognition. Personalized moist towelettes or custom hand sanitizer sprays are also great ideas.

2. Post some friendly advice
Why not enlist the graphics team to whip up a quick list of friendly advice to employees that you can post in the break room? Much of it will be common sense (cover up when you sneeze, wash hands often, stay home when sick, etc.), but, as the saying goes, common sense isn’t always all that common.

3. Provide cleaning supplies
We all know that cleaning your hands is the best way to do away with germs on the palms or fingers – but when we just return to our infected computer keyboards anyway, what good does it do? Give your employees a hand with cleaning supplies they can use to disinfect their desks and personal areas regularly.

4. Follow the CDC’s advice
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knows its germs, so when the organization says to get a flu vaccine, it’s probably sound advice. Why not spread this info on to employees?

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