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Four small promotional items that make a BIG difference


Four small promotional items that make a BIG difference

When it comes to promoting your company or brand, you probably don’t have the spare expenses to rent out a billboard on Sunset Blvd or sponsor a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As we all know, big things work when it comes to promotion. But the trick is that small things can often work just as well, and they tend to offer considerably more bang for their buck. If you’re looking to go the small and successful route to better your business, charity, political platform or whatever, check out these four small promotional items that make a huge difference.

4 Small Promotional Items That Make a Big Difference

  1. Keychains: Check your pockets. Chances are your keys are in there. If not your pockets, they’re surely inside your purse, bag or sitting on your desk. We have them with us at all times, and in order to give them a little weight and presence we attach custom keychains. Just imagine scouring the house trying to find a single key, after all. Keychains are essential, so why not turn out a few promotional ones. Your supporters will proudly sport theirs everywhere they go!
  2. Magnets: Magnets tend to have one particular destination – refrigerators. For that reason, if you want to measure a promotional magnets range, just remember how many refrigerators are out there – Plenty. From family homes to college dorms, office break rooms and even professional kitchens, there are fridges all over the place, and surely somewhere that fits your demographic area.
  3. Notepads: Even in this tech-obsessed age, paper is a necessity. Think of the number of notes you scribble each day! Customized notepads are of the utmost usefulness, and so it sure can’t hurt if your iconic logo or slogan happens to line the top of it. It’s a constant and handy reminder of your brand – even if the pad’s just being doodled on during a particularly long and boring conference call.
  4. Bottle openers: While custom bottle openers aren’t likely to be used nearly as often as keychains or notepads, there’s a very important – if brief – psychological moment your promotional item is implicit in. Helping someone crack open a cool beer after a long, hard day of work may not get your brand noticed as often, but the guy or gal enjoying that crisp brew is sure to feel kindly toward it.

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