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Four promotional items every small business food vendor needs

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Four promotional items every small business food vendor needs

Every town has its neighborhood coffee joint. Many have two or three! There’s also the local bakery, the bagel shop, the butcher’s and even an ice cream parlor or two. Despite the rise of giant grocery chains and megastores like Walmart moving into produce, plenty of smalltime mom-and-pop venues are still making a living out there. But the battle is most certainly uphill, rigorous and long. One of the most integral parts of being a small business food vendor is knowing your clients and supplying them with what they need – but it’s also about growing your business. If you’re looking to spread loyalty, increase small business pride, gain new interest and get your customers excited to have you as part of the community, you may want to consider investing in promotional products.

4 Promotional Items Every Small Business Food Vendor Needs

1. T-shirts
One of the quickest and most fun ways to spread the word about your small business is by selling or giving out T-shirts. If there’s a local 5K race or festival, that might be a great time to hand out shirts as prizes or incentives. People love a comfortable custom T-shirt, and your regulars are sure to want to pick up their own, especially when they know it’s helping the business!

2. Coffee Mugs
Are you the owner of a bakery, coffee shop or bagel place? Do you, in any form, serve or sell coffee? There’s no excuse not to get yourself some custom coffee mugs. Budgeted at an affordable price, these simple mugs are guaranteed to catch eyes once they’re printed with your small business’ logo on one side. Got a slogan? Want to further rep your town with an address or list of locations? Add those as well. And who doesn’t love a coffee mug from their favorite coffee shop?

3. Water Bottles
On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll want to make sure that your customers are hydrated. If there’s one thing that most folks do just about as often as they drink coffee (or, realistically, a little less), it’s hit the gym. Help your favorite customers show their small business pride by setting them up with custom water bottles. Affordable and fun, these also make for great local race prizes, grab bag awards or even part of a raffle package!

4. Tote Bags
Finally, as a business, there’s no reason why you can’t carry some stylish custom tote bags at your establishment. Not only is this a green incentive for your customers, but they’re sure to love the awesome design and easy carrier. It’s a no brainer!

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