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Four ideas for your office wellness program

Four ideas for your office wellness program

Four ideas for your office wellness program

Simply put, a healthy employee is a productive employee. And if your workplace is the type of office where most folks are tied to their desks from 9 to 5, you can bet the delights of exercise are far from their minds. Furthermore, we can all attest to the fact that hitting up the gym – even after a day of complete and utter inaction – isn’t exactly an enticing reward for a hard day of computer- and telephone-related work. So how do you get your employees on a wellness program that works? Consider these four ideas to help stimulate some frank discussion on health and maybe even get a pulse or two racing – in a totally fun way!


4 Ideas for Workplace Wellness Programs

1. Discuss the office health benefits program
If your office offers employees a healthcare package, holding a meeting to discuss their benefits and what programs they’re eligible for can be a huge help. Workers who don’t know they have dental coverage might entirely ignore seeing a local dentist, and without regular checkups, who knows what trouble could occur further down the road, costing everyone more money?

2. Stage an office walk-a-thon
Why not hold a walk-a-thon for office employees and their families? Those who sign up can work to raise money for a charity or future wellness programs at the workplace. And to get everyone in the mood, outfit folks with personalized T-shirts and custom pedometers, all bearing your company logo.

3. Offer employee gym incentives
The high cost of living – especially in a city – doesn’t exactly encourage workers to pay the high costs of gym memberships. If you want to keep your employees active, healthy and productive, offering gym incentives could be a good tip. Either cover the cost of membership or offer discounts. Another way to get them motivated to hit the treadmill at the local YMCA or Planet Fitness might be to hand out promotional water bottles imprinted with your company logo.

4. Encourage healthy diets
Unfortunately, you can’t make your employees eat all their peas and carrots before heading back to their desks. You can’t even keep them from having dessert as a first course! But you can encourage healthier diets by doing away with free donuts and catering with healthier snacks, like fresh fruit or veggies and hummus.

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