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Five tips for a successful product launch


 Five tips for a successful product launch

Products – whether it’s a new video game, some revolutionary skincare product, a debut alt-rock album or the newest trend in kitchen cabinetry – all have their launch dates. One of the best ways to spread your brand and establish a fan base is to use the launch of a product as a way to build buzz and get excitement thrumming. Consider these five tips for doing just that.


5 Tips for Launding a Product Successfully

1. Know your product’s ideal buyer and audience

Knowing who you imagine buying your product is key to improving the product itself. That’s only half the reason to know your audience, though. Having an understanding of your buyer also lets you better market, build excitement around and eventually sell the item. So, do your research, talk to potential buyers and study the field.

2. Build a brand to back your product

Products are more than just individual items – they’re part of a larger brand. Each of Apple’s current generation of hardware can trace its huge recognition and giant launch back to the runaway success of the iPod, but it’s still Apple that consumers identify with at the end of the day.

3. Establish a social media presence

Twitter and Facebook are only the beginning – from blogging, to advertising, to Tumblr and other media sites, you need to be sure that your product is spread all around the web. Organize giveaways for promotional items like custom t-shirts, personalized bags or custom sporting equipment – all of it imprinted and styled with your product and/or brand logo.

4. Generate buzz

Your social media presence will go a long way toward building buzz around your product’s launch, and the use of promotional products will also be a huge help. Even something small, like personalized pens, can virally spread word about your brand and impending product launch.

5. Be sure you have an awesome product

Of course, all the work of building your brand and establishing a presence through a product launch will fall flat without an awesome product to back it up. Be sure that what you’re releasing to the public is the best it can be. Once you’re secure in the quality of your product, get ready to launch to great acclaim! The next debut will be even bigger!

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