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Five products to welcome aboard new employees

Five products to welcome aboard new employees

Five products to welcome aboard new employees

New year, new employees. While most of your returning staff will be made up of hardened veterans eager to make these next 365 days the best your company’s ever seen, any applicants who’ve completed the interview process and are now officially new hires may be approaching your office with trepidation. After all, starting a job can be a frightening experience! Help build some serious morale and boost team pride with a few promotional products that’ll draw in your new hires and encourage them to bond with the rest of the office. Consider these five must-have personalized items!

5 Tips to Welcome New Workers

1. Custom pens
It’s a small step, but an important one. Outfit your new employee with plenty of custom pens bearing the company name or logo. Whether you go with ballpoint, gel ink, cozy grip, rollerball or any of the other multitude of options, these pens are sure to look great and travel far, spreading your brand among all your new employee’s s.

2. Promotional coffee mugs
Office and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly. If there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s this – should your new worker not be a coffee drinker, he or she’s definitely a tea drinker. Either way, there’s no going wrong with a promotional coffee mug. Have it imprinted with your company logo, slogan or title to win over new employees.

3. Custom golf shirts
While it’s not coffee, golf does play an integral role in many office relationships. After all, gathered around the coffee machine, plenty of workers are chatting out their weekend games. Not to mention all the deals that are cinched on the course every day! Help out your new employee’s game with stylish custom golf shirts!

4. Personalized notepads
Even in this digital age, we’re still dependent on pen and paper to jot down quick notes while we’re on the telephone or in a meeting. Set up your new employee with plenty of personalized notepads to get through the ensuing months.

5. Custom lunch bags
Since the days of elementary school, we’ve all needed something to tote around our lunches in. Help your new worker skip the paper bag and get a leg up on fashionable food carryall with a great custom lunch bag. Personalize it to your employees’ various tastes by color. No matter what, silkscreened with your company logo, these bags are going to look fantastic.

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