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Five products every trade show attendee should have

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Five products every trade show attendee should have

Five products every trade show attendee should have

There are plenty of essential tips for trade shows. Go big with images (craft your own iconic logo!), hospitality is key, fighting for a wide aisle is worth it, generate buzz via fun activities and demonstrations. And perhaps the number one tip: a lead is not like a date, and potential clients won’t read you as desperate for promptly following up.

One essential tip that sometimes gets overlooked is to make sure that you’re well-stocked with a variety of promotional materials. Especially if you’ve crafted an iconic logo or image for yourself, you’ll want to disperse that as widely and effectively as possible. But when it comes to promotional items, there are five must-haves for every trade show attendee. Whether you’re packing press kits, assembling prizes for a raffle or just lining up a host of items to show off and give away, make sure you’ve got these.

5 Products Every Trade Show Attendee Needs

1. Custom pens
Take a second to peruse your desk, jacket pockets, purse or bag. Chances are, you’ve got at least one pen that’s carrying promotional material on it. Whether it’s a hotel you stayed at on a business trip, your bank, grocery store, favorite restaurant or some pharmaceutical company – custom pens are everywhere, and they travel far. Make sure you’ve got your own batch to send out into the world.

2. Promotional business card holder
Business cards are a no-brainer, of course – but what about a promotional business card holder? This is an especially great giveaway item, as trade shows are essentially games of 52 Pick Up played with business cards (and more like 502 Pick Up, too), so a holder is sure to come in handy for those who stop by your booth.

3. Promotional polo shirts
No one says no to a free shirt – but it’s also great to grab a batch of promotional polo shirts for the employees working your show booth.

4. Custom lanyards
The same goes for these – your employees need them. But custom lanyards also offer a fun and stylish alternative to booth guests.

5. Custom hand sanitizer
Not to close on a germy note, but trade shows involve a lot of handshaking. And while handshakes usually mean good news, having custom hand sanitizer to rub in quickly before heading out to dinner is always a good idea. Spread it around.

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